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Basis for INCOSE Certification Exam to Change Starting July 2008

by INCOSE UMS | Mar 30, 2008

Starting in July 2008, the CSEP examination will be based solely upon the version 3∙1 of the INCOSE Systems Engineering Handbook.  The INCOSE certification examination is currently based on INCOSE’s Systems Engineering Handbook, version 2A as well as version 3.1 and will continue to be based on both versions of the handbook through June of 2008.  Beginning July 2008, version 2A will no longer be supported.
If you are planning to take your certification exams after July 1, 2008, you should prepare with version 3.1. which is available in both electronic download and bound paperback.  See theINCOSE Store for details.
The Hampton Roads Chapter has prepared a certification study tutorial based on v2A of the handbook and has made this and other certification preparation material available to all members on theproducts area of INCOSE Connect.
Additional information on the certification process is available at: