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A better world through a systems approach
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The Future of Talent Acquisition & Innovation, NASA Crowdsources Systems Engineering

by Danielle DeRoche | Apr 20, 2021

INCOSE helped to promote a NASA Pilot.  NASA wrote a paper about it and cited a 90% time and cost savings improvement.  Following that, a few interviews were conducted to create this compelling case study.

Leveraging the worldwide knowledge base that is available to us via the internet has never been easier. It could be argued that properly leveraging a crowdsourced approach for complicated work is almost necessary as we progress into the future.

However, when it comes to engineering and more complicated skills work, contemporary crowdsourcing has often been less reliable than work in other fields. Freelance resources can certainly get you to a systems engineer, but more often than not, this work requires specific know-how and/or a team of brilliant minds, not just one. In this case study we explore how NASA leveraged Assist 2 Develop’s challenge platform and community to generate ideas for space architectures as a library of modeled parts in a systems modeling language (SysML). The success of this pilot proves that crowdsourcing can be successful for very niche engineering applications. 

To download the Case Study, please click here: NASA Case Study.