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Speaker Meeting: Jim Marshall, Legacy Platform Modification

  • Date:
  • Address: The Aerospace Corporation, Building D8, Conference Room 1010, 200 N Aviation Blvd
  • Location: El Segundo, California USA
Jim Marshall
Mr. Jim Marshall, PB-2 Aircraft Integration Lead Engineer, Northrop Grumman Corporation
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In some respects, an addition of a new or modified subsystem to a legacy platform can be more challenging that designing a new platform with the same subsystem.  A legacy platform has a defined qualification baseline.  This baseline covers platform structure, platform subsystems (ECS, Electrical, hydraulic, etc.), and environmental definitions (thermal, vibe, etc.).  The basic platform body and subsystem integration design would likely have been based on defined mission profiles combined with weapon system design in order that the basic platform frame was optimized to meet all the imposed requirements. 
The new or modified subsystem will need to fit into the constraints of the platform.  Subsystem specifications will be driven by platform constraints while optimizing performance of the subsystem within these constraints.  Changes of the legacy platform pose a compromise to the platform’s baseline qualification.  When the platform’s baseline qualification is compromised, the re-qualification of the platform with respect to the change becomes necessary. 

The technical thought put into program planning typically focuses on the new or modified system components without adequate planning for completion of the installation design.  More visibility into the installation design process and flow would provide program and technical managers with the needed insight to plan less risky program timelines and reduce risk associated with platform installation requirements.  The intent of the discussion is to address the platform efforts and flow of design information to more efficiently support platform modifications. 

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Meeting Schedule:
Wednesday, October 15, 2014, 5:30 pm to 7:45 pm

5:30 – 6:15 pm   Registration, Networking, Refreshments
6:15 – 6:30 pm   Welcome and Announcements
6:30 – 7:45pm   Speaker Presentation, followed by Q&A
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Host site:

The Aerospace Corporation
Building D8, Conference Room 1010
200 N Aviation Blvd
El Segundo CA 90245
  See below for directions.
  Site Host - Susan Ruth
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Jim Marshall is lead engineer for B-2 Aircraft Integration at Northrop Grumman Corporation (NGC).  His experience includes 16 years in Engineering and three years in Manufacturing at NGC, eight years in flight test (NGC and Grumman).  He also served six years as an Electronic Warfare Officer (EA-6B) with the USMC. 

Jim has a BS in Engineering Physics from University of Illinois – Urbana, an MBA from University of LaVerne, and an MS Engineering from California State University, Fresno.  He is also currently working on an MS in Applied Mathematics from the University of Washington. 

DIRECTIONS to Host Site:  The Aerospace Corporation, 200 N Aviation Blvd, El Segundo CA
The Aerospace Corporation  
Bldg D8 - Room 1010
200 N Aviation Blvd
El Segundo CA
Location: between Imperial and El Segundo Blvd (north to south), between the 405 Fwy and Sepulveda (east to west)


From the San Diego (405) Freeway heading SOUTH:
1. Take the exit towards El Segundo Blvd.
2. Turn Left onto S La Cienega Blvd.  
3. Take the 1st Right onto W El Segundo Blvd.  
4. Take the 2nd Right onto N Aviation Blvd.  
5. Bldg D8 will be on the Right.

From the San Diego (405) Freeway traveling NORTH:
1. Take the El Segundo Blvd exit, Exit 44.
2. Turn Left onto W El Segundo Blvd.  
3. Turn Right (North) on N Aviation Blvd.  
4. Bldg D8 will be on the Right.

From the 105 Freeway traveling WEST:
1. Take the exit towards 405 South.
2. Before getting on to the 405 Fwy, take the El Segundo Blvd exit.  
3. At the bottom of the ramp, turn left (west).  
4. Turn Right (North) on N Aviation Blvd.
5. Bldg D8 will be on the Right.

The facility:  
It is the third building from the corner of Aviation and El Segundo, just north of the discount bakery outlet.  The facility has four gates, but ONLY the southern-most gate is open. There is staff security where you will identify yourself as attending the INCOSE meeting.  You can park anywhere, we will badge in through the lobby at the center of the building where the flag poles are.  Knock on the first of the double doors and someone will open the door for you.  The handicap ramp is on the north side and can be reached by driving all the way around the back of the building.