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A better world through a systems approach

Southern Arizona Joint Meeting Speaker: Rick Dove, Discovering Agile SE Process Fundamentals at INCOSE, with a Brief Review of 2015 Enchantment Chapter and Student Chapter Operations

  • Date:
    Feb 23, 2016 - 06:00 PM - 07:30 PM
  • Address:
  • Location: Tucson, Arizona USA
  • Venue: University of Arizona Old Engineering Building, Room 301, Tucson, AZ.
Abstract: Rick Dove (Enchantment Chapter) is visiting the Southern Arizona Chapter and Student Chapter. Tel access: 866-398-2885 (toll free), passcode 195 372 9323.
This talk will brief fundamental architecture and design principles underlying any system or process that would be agile – able to deal effectively with operational environments that are unpredictable, uncertain, risky, variable, and evolving. He will brief the INCOSE project that is discovering Agile System Engineering Life Cycle Model fundamentals in fifteen 3-day workshops in the US and Europe, which is analyzing agile SE processes of many kinds for underlying agile-enabling principles. Preliminary findings from the four 2015 workshops will be discussed, an intro to the Agile Systems & Systems Engineering working group will be provided, and a 2015 Enchantment Chapter operations and experiments will be briefly reviewed.

Speaker Bio:
Rick Dove has entrepreneurial founder and management experience in all C-level positions, and has dispatched a variety of interim executive problem-solving and program-management assignments in established organizations. He was Co-Principal Investigator on the 1991 Lehigh study funded by the US Department of Defense that introduced the concepts of agile systems and enterprises, and led the subsequent DARPA-funded collaborative research during the nineties that established basic system fundamentals for agile systems of all kinds. In the late nineties he led industry collaborative workshops introducing agile concepts across a variety of industries through a process called Realsearch, a form of collaborative action learning. In the late eighties he led the development of the first research agenda for the National Center for Manufacturing Sciences, and organized its collaborative-consortia research mechanisms. He is an INCOSE Fellow, 2015 president of the INCOSE Enchantment Chapter (New Mexico), and chairs the INCOSE working groups for Agile Systems and Systems Engineering, and for System Security Engineering. He is CEO/CTO of Paradigm Shift International, an applied research firm specializing in agile systems concepts and education, and leads agile self-organizing system security research and development on US DHS and OSD funded projects. Rick is an adjunct professor at Stevens Institute of Technology, where he develops and teaches basic and advanced graduate courses in agile systems and systems engineering. He holds a BSEE from Carnegie Mellon University.