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A better world through a systems approach

MIT SDM Projects

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System Design & Management is a MIT Master’s program in engineering and management. The basic building block of the program is a year-long integrated core course that brings together System Architecture, System Engineering and System and Project Management. The Core culminates with a semester-long integrative project. Companies are invited to sponsor these projects and work with teams of 3-5 students on real systems challenges. Each project covers the stakeholder context, systems architecture, systems engineering and program management aspects of the system and delivers analysis and final executive board level presentation with recommendations.

 In Spring 2016 MITRE advised two SDM Core Integrated Projects. Andrea Agarwal, Tushar Garg, and Jason Wanner were challenged with a complex systems problem within cyber security that has stumped experienced systems engineers and cyber experts. Despite being new to Systems Engineering, the team was able to effectively apply their new systems knowledge to make a positive contribution to solving this challenging problem. The team was advised by Dr. Andy Turner, Senior Systems Engineer at MITRE.

 Joel Ong, Ron Johns, Maanasa Priyaa Dharmapuri Sridhar, Masaru Nagura and Ben Borgmann tackled US Higher Education System of Systems to gain insights into a complex societal problem and potential policy interventions. The team successfully experimented with several approaches to numeric modeling applied to Systems of Systems. The team was advised by Dr. Aleksandra Markina-Khusid, Lead Systems Engineer at MITRE and a graduate of SDM program.