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Large Ground Vehicle Test Systems

Come join us for a tour of MTS headquarters in Eden Prairie on Thursday, April 20th. The tour is planned to highlight wind tunnel rolling road systems, a ground vehicle ride comfort system, and a tire test system. Around the world, leading ground vehicle manufacturers depend on MTS solutions to generate highly accurate, repeatable test data for an extremely wide variety of applications.


6:15 pm Networking with Pizza
6:45 pm Welcome and Chapter Updates by President Michele Zoromski
7:00 pm Welcome to MTS and Introductions by Tom Kilinski
7:10 pm System Talk by Mike Moen & Bob Orange
7:40 pm MTS Tour Preface
7:45 pm MTS Tour
8:30 pm Adjourn

MTS’s  Large Ground Vehicle Test Systems are used to perform ground vehicle testing in as realistic as possible conditions.

MTS Wind Tunnel Rolling Road Systems employ Flat-Trac steel belt technology, proprietary air bearings and sophisticated hexapod model motion systems to optimize the accuracy of aerodynamic testing.

MTS Ground Vehicle Ride comfort testing involves the application of vibrational loads to full vehicles, seats and other automotive systems and components through which vibration can be felt by a driver or passenger.

MTS Flat-Trac Tire Test Systems measure a broad range of tire behavior by controlling the speed, load, inflation pressure, and true tire motion relative to the road.

The MTS tour  includes three wind tunnel rolling road systems. These systems are used for measurement of ground vehicle aerodynamic forces. The three systems are at various levels of completion.  Also included in the tour is a ground vehicle ride comfort system for vehicle noise, vibration and harshness testing. We should also see at least one tire test system.

Tom Kilinski has a BS/MS degree in Engineering Mechanics from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where he focused his studies on Experimental Mechanics, Fatigue, and Fracture.  Tom has worked for 15 years at MTS in the custom project area as a Mechanical Engineer, Systems Engineer, Project Engineer, and currently Engineering Management.

 In Tom’s spare time, he enjoys home remodeling, woodworking, hiking, golf, and bocce.

Bob Orange has a BSME from U of Illinois (CU). Bob has worked for 29 years at MTS doing Project Management and since 2007 System Engineering.  Past technical focus areas have included the development of test machines for Shock & Vibration, Vehicle Crash and Wind Turbines.  He is currently focused on Ground Vehicle Roadway testing (Ride and Handling test machines).

 In Bob’s spare time he enjoys bicycling, hiking and creating things using microcontrollers.

 Mike Moen has BSME from U of Minnesota. Mike has worked for 31 years at MTS doing Mechanical Engineering, Applications Engineering, Project Management, and, since 2009, Systems Engineering. Mike has also qualified as a Certified Machinery Safety Expert, and works as an internal MTS resource in this area. His currently SE focus is in the Ground Vehicle Wind Tunnel Testing area.

In Mike’s spare time he enjoys exploring the natural world by hiking, camping, and photography. He is a Minnesota DNR Master Naturalist, and volunteers at several area parks surveying Raptors, Songbirds, Turtles, Dragonflies, and Damselflies.