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NT- Overview of ISO 15288 and INCOSE Certification Program

  • Date:
    May 9, 2017 5:30PM - 7:00PM
  • Venue:
    No Magice

Presenter: Octavio Castellanos and Yvonne Bijan

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Telecon (Audio) - 719-325-2630
Passcode -  615 127 6995
Global Meet (Video/Audio) -

: Did you know Systems Engineering has an ISO standard? To get caught up on Systems Engineering ISO standard and the INCOSE certification program, don't miss our May meeting. We'll get an overview of ISO 15288 from Octavio. We'll also be hearing about the INCOSE certification process and an upcoming paper based exam. Are you already certified? Do you already know all about Systems Engineering? Come and share your knowledge and experiences with others. Our meetings are a networking opportunity to connect with fellow Industry folks as well as meet the chapter board.

: Octavio Castellanos is a Lockheed Martin (LM) Systems Engineer under Aero’s Engineering and Technology (E&T) Systems Engineering (SE) organization, as well as an Adjunct SE Professor at The University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP). His most recent assignments include LRIP Lead and CAM for F-35 Test and Verification; EVMS Lead and Project Engineer for Finance & Business Operations (F&BO); and Systems Engineer for F-35 Verification and Analysis. Octavio chairs the Rotation Advisory Board as a graduating participant of LM’s prestigious Advanced Technical Leadership Program (ATLP). His SE experience includes working the Systems Engineering Management Plan (SEMP) for the APT T-50 Platform; breaking ground in the Aerospace industry developing this first-time full conformant SEMP to ISO-IEC-IEE 15288. The depth of his SE experience is in SE Integration and Verification where he led the verification and closure of contractual requirements in support of the Low Rate Initial Production (LRIP) contract during the System Development phase of the F35 Program. Octavio is also a Corporate LM Chem/Bio NExpert and a Technical Research Paper Reviewer for the National Association for Engineering Education (ASEE). During his graduate studies, he served as INCOSE/UTEP President under the New Mexico’s Enchantment Chapter of INCOSE (2010-2011). He currently holds a Masters degree in Systems Engineering from UTEP and an INCOSE CSEP certification.