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A better world through a systems approach

INCOSE Midwest Gateway CSEP preparation

  • Date:
    Sep 27, 2017 - 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM
  • Address: 5775 Campus Pkwy
  • Location: Hazelwood, MO USA
  • Venue:
    Boeing Building 270E, Level 4, Room 4D15-1 (Goshawk Room)

In support of passing the SEP exam, the Midwest Gateway INCOSE chapter will virtually host review of the Systems Engineering Handbook, which is primary source for exam questions. The first workshop will be held at 5pm on Wednesday 27 September . We will start by reviewing the Systems Engineering Handbook. While not a guarantee, it is anticipated participants will perform better on the exam. If interested, please send email to below addressees to be sure an exam is available.

  • Emails must be sent to following two email addresses:,
  • In email subject line please denote “Midwest Gateway INCOSE – SEP Preparation Workshop”.

There are currently about 20 CSEPs and 7 ASEPs registered in the Gateway chapter. If you are a CSEP or ASEP and would like to lead a session in your specialty area, please let us know. Helping train new systems engineers, and leveraging already certified people, is part of our chapter outreach effort. This would also help form professional networks within our chapter area. The effort will commence on 27 September, and take about three (3) months with an hour a week discussion, or quicker if we doubled up per week.

The chapter has several folks interested in offering the preparation workshops to our members. We would welcome companies or individuals in our region who would be interested in helping in this effort, either with briefers, preparation of materials, facilities, or networking services. We would be interested in joining forces, helping with recruitment, and publicizing your support.

Contact chairperson for this effort, Lou Pape, 314 233-5782, if you are interested in: attending workshops like this, helping with developing & presenting the materials, or organizing facilities.

  • When: Wednesday, 27 September, 5:00pm
  • Where: Boeing Building 270E, Level 4, Room 4D15-1 (Goshawk Room)
  • Contact: Lou Pape,

    Videoconference info:

    • URL: Webex
    • Phone: 425-943-7320
    • Meeting number: 898416055
    • Meeting password: IncCSEP17