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A better world through a systems approach

NTX Meeting: Dr. Saulius Pavalkis on MBSE

  • Date:
    2nd Tuesday of the Month 6:00pm-7:00pm
  • Address: Bell, L-3
  • Location: GlobalMeet, Raytheon Lockheed Martin
  • Venue:
    Global Meet

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Telecon (Audio) - 719-457-6209,,495813#
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All are welcome to join us for presentations on a variety of SE topics. We meet online and in various locations throughout DFW.
See our website for the details of the meeting and to download a meeting notice for your calendar.

System Model Simulation - Monte Carlo, Probabilities, and more…

Presenter: Dr. Saulius Pavalkis

Abstract: Rapidly increasing scale, dynamism, and vulnerabilities in the systems being engineered have presented ever-greater challenges. In part of these challenges Systems Engineers started to explore new ways of working and one of the possible solutions is to use models as a basis for the engineered systems description.
Nowadays Systems Engineers can leverage several modeling languages and tools to their advantage to build system models. However no matter how you are going to look into a model, it still remains a static description of systems being engineered. To access the full power of modeling, Systems Engineers need to transform the static system descriptions into what we could call live or dynamic model.
During this webinar we are going to build live model or in other words – an executable model. The main part will be to explore ways of building executable model and in addition to that delve into a bit more sophisticated simulation capabilities available with UML, SysML, UAF languages and Catia | No Magic tools. The features which will be covered during this webinar: Monte-Carlo simulation, different distributions, result capturing..

Bio: Saulius Pavalkis is the Chief MBSE Solutions Architect at Dassault Systems (Former No Magic, Inc.). Saulius has 15 years of experience working on modeling solutions working as a consultant, trainer, PLM products integration manager, a former analyst in the R&D department core MagicDraw team. Saulius is helping with successful MBSE adoption at major companies: Ford, Boeing, NASA, Orbital ATK (NGC), Draper. Saulius has Ph.D. in Software Engineering – models traceability, BS, and MS in Telecommunication and Electronics Engineering. Last few years represents No Magic, Inc. at INCOSE CAB. In 2018 Saulius received lifetime achievement award from No Magic, Inc. “Cameo Award for Modeling, Simulation & Analysis Excellence.” Founder and chief editor of a modeling community blog ( dedicated to sharing practical model-based engineering experience. Contributor to systems engineering conferences: INCOSE IS, NDIA, GLRC, NMWS.