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NTX Meeting: Paul White on Welcome to SysML, the Language for MBSE!

  • Date:
    2nd Tuesday of the Month 6:00pm-7:00pm
  • Address: Bell, L3-Harris
  • Location: GlobalMeet, Raytheon Lockheed Martin
  • Venue:
    Global Meet

All are welcome to join us for presentations on a variety of SE topics. We meet online and in various locations throughout DFW.

Presenter: Paul White

Abstract: Would you like to learn about the Systems Modeling Language (SysML)? Each year, more systems engineers are advancing their careers by learning about SysML, Model-based Systems Engineering (MBSE), and modeling tools. In this presentation, we will provide an introduction to SysML, present some modeling tools and techniques, and discuss how you can use SysML to benefit your company and advance your career.
We will begin by introducing SysML. SysML—as a general-purpose modeling language—supports the specification, analysis, design, verification, and validation of a broad range of systems. SysML provides the ability to model requirements, system behavior, and physical architecture. SysML conveys information clearly and concisely as diagrams, tables, and matrices. Moreover, SysML is a comparatively small language that is easy to learn and apply.
After introducing SysML, we will present some modeling tools and techniques. More systems engineering projects are using SysML as part of their MBSE implementations. We will discuss how projects are successfully implementing SysML and MBSE and learning lessons along the way. These principles will apply to legacy systems and newer platforms alike.
Following the tools and techniques, we will suggest some references, training resources, and certifications that can enhance and demonstrate your mastery of SysML. In particular, we will discuss the Object Management Group (OMG) and its SysML certifications.
Those who attend will gain a familiarity with SysML and an appreciation for the benefits of SysML and MBSE.

Bio: Paul is a Senior Systems Engineer at KIHOMAC in Layton. He works with BAE as an Assistant Project Technical Manager on the ICBM Minuteman III platform. Previously, he worked on the Airbus A400M and Boeing EDCU programs for Astronautics Corporation of America in Milwaukee; on both the Big Safari and IBS programs for L-3 Harris in Greenville, Texas; and in factory automation for Hyundai in Eugene, Oregon.
He has nineteen years of experience in the aerospace industry. Paul has been an INCOSE member since 2007 serving in various top leadership roles in the North Texas (Dallas - Fort Worth) Chapter, Chicagoland Chapter, and Wasatch (Utah) Chapter. He is the current president of the Wasatch Chapter. Paul has been a leader in the annual Great Lakes Regional Conference (GLRC) since 2012 including conference chair for the 6th and 8th conferences. He served the conference chair for the first annual Western States Regional Conference (WSRC) in Ogden and is the chair of the WSRC Steering Committee.
He recently was awarded the Outstanding Service Award at the 29th Annual INCOSE International Symposium. The Wasatch chapter was awarded the Most Improved Chapter and Gold Circle awards.
In August 2019, he attended the 68th United Nations (UN) Civil Society Conference in Salt Lake City. He helped with presenting an INCOSE workshop, represented INCOSE at its booth, and coordinated an INCOSE social. This was the first time that INCOSE and systems engineering had been presented before the UN—a worldwide audience.
He serves as Vice Chair of the Utah Engineers Council (UEC), an umbrella organization for fifteen local chapters and societies within the many engineering disciplines. He has been awarded the INCOSE Engineer of the Year award in 2019 and 2018 by the Utah Engineers Council (UEC).
He has a graduate certificate in Systems Engineering and Architecting from the Stevens Institute of Technology, a Master of Science degree in Computer Science from Texas A&M University-Commerce, and a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from Texas A&M University. He is a Certified Systems Engineering Professional (CSEP) through INCOSE. In 2019, he obtained an Object Management Group (OMG)-Certified Systems Modeling Professional (OCSMP) Model Builder—Fundamental certification.