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A better world through a systems approach

AIAA SciTech 2020

  • Date:
    Jan 04, 2020, - Jan 05, 2020
  • Location: Orlando, Florida United States
  • Venue:
    Hyatt Regency

AIAA SciTech 2020

4 January - 5 January 2020,
Hyatt Regency, Orlando, Florida

Integrating Program Management, Systems Engineering and Six Sigma

It will present Systems Engineering agile vs non-agile approach, same for Program Management, and how systems engineering supporting Lean Six Sigma.

As systems engineering and program management has evolved since World War II, missions have to be achieved within the constraints of cost, schedule and expected performance. Systems engineering is attempting to describe and define the optimal solution while program management is attempting to determine the necessary work components and develop the plan. Both are keys to the success of a program. Bringing these two disciplines together with a common success measure requires the integration of functions within programs. A comparative analysis of systems engineering to Six Sigma is presented. The pros and cons of agile vs non-agile systems engineering will be discussed.

Details can be referred to:

John C Hsu, Ph.D.,P.E.,ESEP,AIAA Fellow

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