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A better world through a systems approach

NTX Meeting: Mark Blackburn on Systems Engineering Transformation Surrogate Pilot Experiments

  • Date:
    April 14 2020 4:00pm-5:00pm
  • Address: Bell, L3-Harris
  • Location: GlobalMeet, Raytheon, Abbott Lockheed Martin
  • Venue:
    Global Meet or Webex

All are welcome to join us for presentations on a variety of SE topics. We meet online and in various locations throughout DFW.

Chapter Meeting April 14

Systems Engineering Transformation Surrogate Pilot Experiments: Doing Everything in Models to Demonstrate the Art-of-the-Possible by Dr. Mark Blackburn

Note this meeting will start earlier than usual. We will begin at 4pm central time.
Location: Virtual (see chapter email for connection information)

Abstract: This  presentation  provides  an  overview  of  the  NAVAIR  Systems  Engineering Transformation  (SET)  Surrogate  Pilot  Experiments  and  discusses  how  these  experiments provide  implementation  examples  that  align  with  the  goals  of  the  DoD  Digital  Engineering Strategy.  It  provides  an  overview  to  set  the  context  of  the  SET  Framework  concept  and Functional  Areas.  The  experiments  are  demonstrating  the  “Art-of-the-Possible”  by  doing “Everything in Models,” to show we can, while operating in a collaborative environment using an
Authoritative Source of Truth (AST).
The  briefing  describes  the  approach,  digital  engineering  environments, operational  scenarios, and  results,  such  as:  1)  methods  for  linking  Mission,  System,  and  Contractor  models  to demonstrate  the  concept  of  an  AST,  2)  an  approach  to  transform  the  use  of  Contract  Data Requirement List (CDRLs) using Digital Signoffs directly in the models; the Digital Signoffs link to needed evidence, and 3) explaining the use of Views and Viewpoints for DocGen to generate interactive  web-based  views  of  the  mission  and  system  models  that  are relevant  to  different stakeholders.
The  briefing  will  also  show  the  models  that  are  on  line  and  provide information  on  the  All Partners  Network  (  where  additional  details  about approach,  models, presentations and results can be accessed.

Bio: Mark  R.  Blackburn,  Ph.D.  is  a  Senior  Research  Scientist  with  Stevens Institute of Technology and principal at KnowledgeBytes. Dr. Blackburn’s is the  Principal  Investigator  (PI)  on  several  System  Engineering  Research Center  (SERC)  research  tasks  for  both  US  Navy  NAVAIR  and  US  Army ARDEC  on  Systems  Engineering  Transformation  through  Model-Centric Engineering. He has also been PI on a FAA NextGen and National Institute of  Standards  and  Technology  projects  and  has  received  research  funding from the National Science Foundation. He develops and teaches a course on Systems  Engineering  for  Cyber Physical Systems. He  is a  member  of  the SERC Research Council, OpenMBEE Leadership Team and core member of the Semantic Technologies for Systems Engineering initiative.  
Prior to joining Stevens, Dr. Blackburn worked in industry for more than 25 years. He has been the Principal Investigator to the National Institute of Standards and Technology on  projects  dating  back  to  2000  involving  model-based  tools  and  methods  for  verification  and validation  of  security-related products  and  applications.  Dr.  Blackburn holds a  Ph.D. from  George Mason University, a M.S. in Mathematics (emphasis in C.S.) from Florida Atlantic University, and a B.S. in Mathematics (C.S. option) from Arizona State University.