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C-NO Chapter Meeting - September 2020 - Community Appraisal for Resiliency Effectiveness (CARE) Project

Topic:  Community Appraisal for Resiliency Effectiveness (CARE) Project

Speakers:: Lindsey Mannion, Brian Hallett, Bill Klinger, and Carl Dister

Abstract:  ReliabilityFirst and its collaborators will present an overview of their Community Appraisal for Resiliency Effectiveness (CARE) project. The project applies best practices from the INCOSE Handbook and brings in a few additional references to create an appraisal framework for communities. The goal is to help at-risk communities prepare for a 3-week electrical blackout affecting an approximately 60-mile diameter around their community. (Most communities only have a disaster recovery plan for a couple days focused only on their city limits.) The tailoring of the INCOSE Handbook and additional sources for the creation of the Community Appraisal was developed by ReliabilityFirst, with contributions from OSU Extension, Purdue Extension, the Community Development Society, and INCOSE members.

Systems Engineers will take away practical lessons such as how to tailor the INCOSE practices to new applications; how to quantify maturity in SE processes using expert elicitation and public deliberation skills; and more!

Lindsey Mannion / Technical CIP (Cybersecurity) Auditor

Mrs. Mannion is currently working in the ReliabilityFirst CIP department responsible for CIP auditing.

Mrs. Mannion has experience in computer forensics, incident response, cyber investigation, malware analysis, network forensics, security awareness training, vulnerability and risk management, policy development, cybersecurity and compliance.
Prior to joining ReliabilityFirst, Mrs. Mannion previously worked for Diebold Nixdorf as a Forensic Security Engineer, where she led its Global Forensic Program handling all malware, network and legal forensic incidents, and investigations. In this position, she also led the Global Computer Security Incident Response program ensuring remediation and proper documentation of all global security incidents.

Mrs. Mannion graduated from Kent State University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Forensics and Security. She also graduated from the University of Maryland with a Master’s of Science degree in Digital Forensics and Cyber Investigation. Mrs. Mannion holds her CompTIA Security+ certification.

Brian Hallett* / Principal Reliability Consultant

Mr. Hallett joined ReliabilityFirst as a Senior Reliability Consultant in 2015, where he focused on reliability of the bulk electric system and continuous improvement of internal controls and management practices.

Previously, Mr. Hallett worked at FirstEnergy Corp in Akron, Ohio, for 12 years. At FirstEnergy, Mr. Hallett spent 10 years as an Electrical Engineer focusing on Transmission Planning for the ATSI system (Ohio Transmission subsidiary of FirstEnergy). After Planning, Mr. Hallett served as FirstEnergy’s Basecase Developer, where Mr. Hallett coordinated system modeling data through both PJM and Multiregional Modeling Working Group (MMWG) efforts.

Mr. Hallett has served as a core-team member of the North American Transmission Forum – Models Working Group and as a working group member of the EPRI Grid Planning Research Program (Program 40).

Mr. Hallett graduated from Kent State University.

Bill Klinger*‡ / Principal Consulting Engineer

Bill Klinger—Principal Consulting Engineer of Klinger Engineering Services—offers practical guidance for the design and manufacture of reliable electronic products.

When he is not advising the Library of Congress on the history, technology, and preservation of sound recordings, Bill enjoys learning about organizational ethics, governance, and operations. He wants to believe that Systems Thinking really can serve society, as well as industry.

Carl J. Dister*‡ / Systems Engineer
Carl is currently responsible for coaching and mentoring employees at ReliabilityFirst as they accelerate innovation in the regulation of power grid reliability, security, and resiliency.

Mr. Dister is a Principal Systems Engineer at ReliabilityFirst with over 30 years of systems engineering experience. Mr. Dister’s experience is in the design and analysis of highly reliable electromechanical devices and complex systems.

Mr. Dister is a graduate of Cleveland State University with a Bachelors of Electrical Engineering and University of Wisconsin-Madison with a Masters of Electrical Engineering and is a Certified Systems Engineering Professional (CSEP) with INCOSE.

* Current chapter member
‡ Past President of C-NO chapter

Venue::  On-line (Connection information will be available to registrants on Eventbrite)

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