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Demonstrating SE Value Using Traceability Measurement - Requirements WG

  • Date:
    May 25, 2022 - 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM
  • Venue:

Title:   Demonstrating SE Value Using Traceability Measurement

Speaker: Cary Bryczek, Solutions Lead Director - Jama Software

Abstract:  How does one show value to an organization if you cannot measure? Panel members will share strategies for the use of live traceability as the basis for demonstrating value. This will include: 1) benefits of a traceability model 2) the benchmark study we did and some high-level detail about its dataset 3) Correlations between traceability and product development success, and 4) Reasons traceability leads to product development success & failure (change management, completeness, consistency, etc.) The panel members will also introduce the Traceability Alliance and discuss its role.

Bio: With more than 25 years of process and systems engineering work in commercial and defense sectors, Cary Bryczek has developed a sharp eye for how organizations get mired with inefficiencies, cross-purposes, and miscommunication — and how they can retool to become a more strategically focused, digital engineering organization. As Jama Software’s Director of Solution Architecture for aerospace and defense she helps organizations move away from manual and outdated processes to then leverage innovative processes using modern tools and data techniques to help them compete in the marketplace or meet mission objectives. Her clients have ranged from defense agencies like the US Army, consulting companies like Deloitte, defense contractors like General Atomics, to space systems startups like Rocket Lab.

At the beginning of this session, we will provide an update on the RWG new product status: Needs and Requirements Manual (NRM) (was Needs, Requirements, Verification, Validation Lifecycle Manual), the Guide to Writing Requirements (GtWR), Guide to Needs and Requirements (GtNR), and the Guide to Verification and Validation (GTVV).

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