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A better world through a systems approach

SensAI4S (Sensors+AI for Sustainability) through Fusing Design Thinking and System Engineering

  • Date:
    June 08, 2022 - 15:00 PM – 16:30 PM

08 June 2022

1700 - 1830 SAST (South African Standard Time)

SensAI4S (Sensors+AI for Sustainability) through Fusing Design Thinking and System Engineering

Sustainable Development Goals by the UNO has helped both innovators and policy-makers to appreciate the impact of their work in the long run. In the march towards achieving these loft goals, the integrated system of sensors and AI (algorithms) is expected to be a major enabler. In this talk, the speaker will quickly introduce the concept of SensAI design for sustainability. Then he would introduce the unique methodology of innovation that he has been developing for the past six years, where he fuses Design Thinking with System Engineering. He will also introduce how this methodology is suitable in developing solutions in a dynamic domain like AI. The talk will also discuss some real-life cases.

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