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EnergyTech Virtual Session 1

  • Date:
    Jun 24, 2022 - 01:00 PM - 04:00 PM

WAIT.. – is that the SUN setting on our vital national electric grid – the most critical of all critical infrastructures underpinning our entire civilized society? Are we at the predicted “inflection point” for energy? Is this the dreaded “long, hot summer”? What will we do when the lights go out?

According to SingularityHub: “Summer Could Bring Rolling Blackouts as Power Grids Get More Unstable”; a “perfect storm” brewing... we seem destined to a future of energy instability and uncertainty.

The CHALLENGES are daunting… BUT – The SUN ALSO RISES on a NEW ERA of technology solutions and advanced power grid architectures

In 2022 - ENERGYTECH resumes its mission: “Lighting the way to a Brighter Future”

EnergyTech returns, bringing highly qualified experts and experienced speakers to address the present and emerging energy challenges and solutions . EnergyTech 2022 will present a monthly series of virtual conference presentations and culminate in a physical conference & exposition in early November at the beautiful Ohio Aerospace Institute, near the NASA Glenn Research Center – details to follow.. (Virtual Conferences FREE)

Virtual Conference Session#1: Critical Infrastructure Resilience -- June 24, 2022 @ 1PM – 4PM (Webex)
TOPICS: (details provided at registration -- CLICK HERE)
• David Winks – shares new innovations for resilience and public welfare now achieving commercialization
• Chuck Manto – shows methods to maintain full functionality of hospitals and enterprises with microgrid power
• Bjorn Simundson – demonstrates technology adapted from military uses to help hospitals and communities
• Ken Loparo – illuminates Resilient Communities/Smart Cities and IoT enabled by resilient power and water

Panel Discussion – All speakers will participate in a live, moderated panel discussion