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A better world through a systems approach

At the heart of INCOSE is the ability to connect people. Whether you are interested in looking for ways to increase your circle of influence or in working on a particular issue, INCOSE Chapters and Working Groups offer unparalleled points of connection.

The symbiotic relationship between Chapters, Working Groups, Corporate Advisory Board, Academic Council and the Board of Directors feeds the overall mission and goals to serve people and organizations at all stages of engagement. Participating in Chapter and Working Group activities contributes to the development of the leadership skills that set our members apart.

INCOSE Chapters

Chapters play an essential role in the achievement of INCOSE’s goals and objectives, organizing a multitude of professional and social programs; attracting new members from industry, government and academia; supporting technical activities striving to advance the state and art of systems engineering; and, showcasing INCOSE as the international authoritative body on systems engineering that it is.

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INCOSE Working Groups

INCOSE Working Groups transverse geographical boundaries, bringing together members who have a common interest in a technical topic. Working Groups, which function within individual chapters as well as at the international level, provide resources to stakeholders who want to share and access information that brings additional value to systems engineering careers in industry, academia and government.

Working Groups (WGs) are under the direction of INCOSE’s Technical Operations. WGs are the source of technical products, technical interactions among stakeholders, technical events and technical information repositories.

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INCOSE Corporate Advisory Board and Academic Council:

Influencing INCOSE’s path forward

The INCOSE Corporate Advisory Board (CAB) and Academic Council provide opportunities for companies and academic institutions to influence the future direction of INCOSE. Learn more about the Corporate Advisory Board and Academic Council to find out how your organization could benefit from becoming a member.

INCOSE Corporate Advisory Board

INCOSE Academic Council

Connect with INCOSE in our Virtual Community

Join members and non members in discussing systems engineering topics in our Systems Exchange Cafés, view selected Webinars in our Webinar Showcase, and learn more with our growing virtual community offerings.

Systems Exchange Cafés

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Connect with INCOSE on Social Media

As a member, you are part of a network of over 18,000 systems engineers worldwide. Follow along and engage with the global INCOSE community on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube.