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A better world through a systems approach

INCOSE develops cutting-edge materials in order to share its wealth of knowledge with the systems engineering community. These materials are developed by INCOSE experts with vast theoretical and practical knowledge with a focus on providing impactful guides for the community.

Conference Products

INCOSE’s annual International Symposium produces peer reviewed papers plus matching presentations each year. INCOSE regional conferences produce presentations as well. The Papers & Presentations Library was designed to provide members with these materials back to 2010. Symposia papers before 2010 can be found by going directly to the Wiley link provided within. Some conference presentations can also be found in Chapter Websites and/or Working Group Websites.

Papers and Presentations Library


Working Groups


INCOSE Technical Products

INCOSE’s diverse members contribute to a unique set of Systems Engineering Technical Products. INCOSE Technical Operations supports Working Groups to codify and jury this information for member use. For example you can find a number of finished products such as the SE Handbook, SE Competencies Framework and a Guide to Writing Good Requirements in the INCOSE Store. Members interested in contributing to a Technical Product are encouraged to join the relevant Working Group.  Periodicals are published quarterly and include the Systems Engineering Journal, INSIGHT (Practitioners' Magazine), and the INCOSE Members Newsletter.


Working Groups


From the INCOSE Store

Many products are available for download or purchase from the INCOSE Store. Members have access to all products, many of them free. Non-members have a limited selection, many of them for a cost.


INCOSE Corporate Advisory Board and Academic Council:

Influencing INCOSE’s path forward

The INCOSE Corporate Advisory Board (CAB) and Academic Council provide opportunities for companies and academic institutions to influence the future direction of INCOSE. Learn more about the Corporate Advisory Board and Academic Council to find out how your organization could benefit from becoming a member.

INCOSE Corporate Advisory Board

INCOSE Academic Council

Additional Systems Engineering Resources

The Body of Knowledge and Curriculum to Advance Systems Engineering Project (BKCASE), began in the fall of 2009 and has involved joint efforts of INCOSE, IEEE Computer Society and the Systems Engineering Research Center.  By continuing to work towards aligning technical initiative and research, competency models, certification programs, textbooks, standards and guides, graduate programs, and related workforce development initiatives around the world to BKCASE our sponsors can enhance their ability to:

·         Share, use, evolve and co-create value from that knowledge with their stakeholders.

·         Provide a framework for the education, development and recognition of all those involved in the professional practice of Systems Engineering.

·         Better describe the place Systems Engineering holds in complex problem resolution and thus shape and grow that role.

To work towards this vision, BKCASE created two closely related products:

  Guide to the Systems Engineering Body of Knowledge (SEBoK)

A living, authoritative guide to the knowledge most relevant and important to the advancement of systems engineering.  SEBoK discusses what is included in the discipline, how this knowledge can be structured to facilitate understanding, and what documents are most important to the discipline.  More information
  Graduate Reference Curriculum for Systems Engineering (GRCSE®

Curriculum guidance for systems engineering master’s program. GRCSE makes reference to sections of the SEBoK to define its core knowledge and suggests broader program outcomes and objectives that reflect aspects of the professional practice of systems engineering as discussed across the SEBoK. More information