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4th Annual INCOSE GLRC Systems Engineering Professional Development Day (SE-PDD) Site Registration

Don't Deley!
This year's SE-PDD Site Registration closes on Friday October 18, 2019.

For the  4th consecutive year the Great Lakes Regional Conference (GLRC) will stream an INCOSE Systems Engineering Professional Development Day (SE-PDD) to meeting sites which have pre-registered to receive the livesteam.

The SE-PDD is a virtual extension of the GLRC event, with featured sessions streamed from the main conference event site, exclusively to pre-registered satellite sites. The objective is to link hundreds of attendees at the various satellite site locations together, and join them in with the GLRC conference attendees. This enables people at the satellite site meeting locations to share in the GLRC experience without having to travel, thus expanding the impact and value of the conference to the entire region, and even to locations in other counties around the globe.

SE-PDD Program Content

Click Here to View/Download the full SE-PDD Program, including the Keynote Address, Sigma Theat Mu Lecture, 5 Presentations, and 1 Panel). 8 CEUs/PDUs.

Why Register for an SE-PDD Site?

The GLRC is one of the strongest regional conferences offered in the INCOSE Americas Sector, with a broad range of industries and domains represented. The SE-PDD extends the interactive value of the GLRC to your area with content from proven presenters. This experience will build on the benefits that your chapter members receive with their memberships. The SE-PDD provides attendees with 8 CEUs/PDUs. 

What is the SE-PDD?

Attendees at your meeting site will see live feed of presentations in the SE Professional Development track from the GLRC. There stream includes interactive discussions on these topics. The SE-PDD sites are set up with A/V equipment for the live feed.The livestream, which runs from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM EDT, is most popular for those in the Eastern and Central Time Zones, however, there are no restrictions imposed and sites from around the globe are welcome to register. 

Both primary and secondary site coordinators are highly recommended for each SE-PDD site to work with the SE-PDD main site coordinators at the live presentation site at the I-X Center in Cleveland, OH.

The SE-PDD steam is not be available to individuals. The objective is to create mini-satellite conferences that give a portion of the GLRC experience without having to travel, thus expanding the impact and value of the conference to the entire region. All participating sites will be required to execute an SE-PDD agreement to establish a consistent quality experience across all the sites.

How to Register an SE-PDD Site

To register to receive the SE-PDD Livesteam at your location please complete the form at
INCOSE GLRC13 SE-PDD Site Registration - Click Here.


If you have questions or would like more information please contact: