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4th Annual Systems Engineering in Healthcare Conference

Minneapolis/Saint Paul, April 19 - 20, 2018

The Healthcare Working Group invites you to participate in the 4th Annual INCOSE Healthcare Systems Conference (2018) at Crowne Plaza AiRE Hotel, Bloomington, Minnesota. This Conference will feature important topics from critical biomedical & healthcare sectors such as: cybersecurity, product line engineering, risk management, agile & lean methods, systems architecture and more.

This conference has been described as large enough to include a broad mix of ideas and experience but small enough to fee intimate and encourage networking. Past attendees include the FDA, Accuray, Baxter, Boston Scientific, GE Healthcare, Medtronic, Roche, Scaled Agile, and Stryker.

The conference enables participants to share the best practices in the latest Systems Engineering topics as applied to the Healthcare Medical Technology sectors. The intended audience is Systems Engineers, product developers and testers, Program Managers, Architects, Certifiers, and leaders of organizations developing complex healthcare products, from large Healthcare IT systems to medical devices. Attendees from other domains interested in learning about systems methods in healthcare are welcome as well.

Keynote Speaker, Nathan Torgerson, Director Research and Technology, Medtronic Restorative Therapies Group will speak on "Curb the Chaos: Systems Engineering Techniques to Reduce Cost and Improve Quality in Non-Ideal Conditions "

Plenary Speaker, Steve Abrahamson, Sr Director - Cyber Security, GE Healthcare will speak on, "Medical Device Cybersecurity: Creating a System of Safety, Security, Compliance, and Customer Satisfaction."

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The Program
The INCOSE Conference on Systems Engineering in Healthcare enables participants to share the best practices in the latest Systems Engineering topics as applied to the Biomedical, Healthcare and Medical Technology sectors. Previous conferences focused on applying Agile methods to systems with hardware and software. The 2018 conference will broaden the topics to other state-of-the-art Systems Engineering methodologies.

The theme for the conference is:

“How SE Can Reduce Cost & Improve Quality”

Security Program Track

Establishing a System for Medical Device Security Risk Management
Steven Abrahamson, GE Healthcare, Mike Seeberger, Boston Scientific, Matt Russo, Medtronic, Bill Hagestad

Designing Secure Medical Devices
Ken Hoyme, Boston Scientific, Rick Brooks, Battelle 

Security Assurance and Vulnerability Disclosure
Matt Russo, Medtronic, Bill Hagestad, Smiths Medical

A Shared Responsibility - Securing Connected Medical Devices
Mike Nelson, Digicert

Eric Cosman, OIT Concepts LLC
Cyber Security for Automated Health Care Systems


Agile Program Track

Scaling Agile to the Enterprise – Pitfalls and Practices addressed with the Scaled Agile Framework
Doug Stewart, 321 Gang Inc.

Industrialized Agile Quality: Leveraging ISO Standards to Deliver Business Agility with World Class Quality
Robert Gormley and Chad Simonson, Trissential/SQS USA  

Agile Product Development for Digital Medicines
Eli Snell, Proteus Digital Health

 TerumoBCT’s Agile Journey
Wayne Phillips and Megan Morgan, TerumoBCT

Use of Agile & Lean methods to develop X-Ray Analytics Application.
Mohamed Ali Hamadeh, GE Healthcare

Agile – Stage Gate Management (ASGM): NPD Implementation practices from global firms developing complex, physical products
John Salvato, Michigan Technological University

Aligning the Language of Systems Engineering and Agile
Kelly Weyrauch, Agile Quality Systems LLC

Non-Functional Requirements (NFR) in Agile
Balasubramanian Swaminathan, GE Healthcare Digital


MBSE and Simulation

Modeling and Simulation at GE Healthcare
Chris Unger, GE Healthcare

Closing the Loop on Medical Device Systems Simulation
Marc Horner, ANSYS, Inc.

The Medical Device Digital Thread
Matthew Hause, PTC

Model Credibility for Embedded Control: Applying ASME VnV40
William Schindel, ICTT System Sciences, and Marc Horner, ANSYS, Inc.


Systems Engineering Topics

Systems Design Decisions for Medical Devices: What Makes them Difficult?
Chris Unger, GE Healthcare

Bridging the Gap Between Research and Practice: Building an Enterprise Knowledge Translation System to Optimize Military Healthcare
Aaron Sawyer, Engility

A Systems Design Control Process for Medical Device Software Development
Joseph Akyeampong and Erik Arthur, Medtronic

Improving Operating Room Design Through Innovative Systems Engineering Methodology
Anthony Millan, Johns Hopkins University

System Impact Analysis - A Systems Engineering Best Practice for Change Management
RV Krishnan, SysThink Medical

Building a Medical IoT Platform for a Learning Healthcare System: A Case Study in Systems Engineering
Tracy Rausch, DocBox

Unlimited Potential - Leveraging the Power of Mind in Design
Randall Iliff, Eclectic Intellect, LLC

Improving SE Projects by, "Getting It Right, Right From the Start"
Mike Pafford, INCOSE Chesapeake Chapter

The Development Difference - Essential Insight for Understanding and Mastering Innovation Effort
Randall Iliff, Eclectic Intellect, LLC



Introduction to Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE)
Matthew Hause, PTC 

Application of Agile to Device Systems Development
Kelly Weyrauch, Agile Quality Systems & Cary Bryczek, Jama Software

Download the full abstracts here.

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