Natural Systems in Systems Engineering Community of Practice (CoP) Webinar

Apr 9, 2013, 00:00 AM by INCOSE UMS
The INCOSE Natural Systems Working Group (NSWG) invites you to their inaugural webinar
The INCOSE Natural Systems Working Group (NSWG) invites you to their inaugural webinar on Friday, April 26th from 12:00 – 1:00 pm Central Time.

Claire Wathen, Manager for Corporate Programs and Communications will present about theCenter for Bio-In-Inspiration at the San Diego Zoo.
We will also introduce the objectives and approach of the newly formed NSWG -- and what we hope to achieve through periodic CoP telecons, webinars, and other communications
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Why should you want to participate?
As Project and Program Managers, System Engineers, and Technology Developers:
- Opportunity: Complexity of products is up, but knowledge and ability to mimic Natural Systems is up as well.
You've heard of some successes... but there's more... why not consider Natural Systems in your process?
As Researchers in or Mimickers of Natural Systems:
- Opportunity: The Project Managers, System Engineers and Technology Developers could be your next customer!
We believe NSWG activities will be interesting, informative, and influential. We hope you will consider participating.
George Studor and Curt McNamara
Chair/co-chair INCOSE NSWG
About Clair Wathen:
Claire Wathencoordinates corporate programs and communication for the Centre for Bioinspiration. As a function of San Diego Zoo Global, the mission of the Centre is to be a worldwide resource and model for biologically inspired technology transfer and commercial development. Ms. Wathen facilitates corporate programs including innovation workshops and an annual bioinspiration conference. Additionally, she acts as the liaison among the organization’s diverse conservation research and species experts to identify and develop nature-inspired discoveries.  She has a Bachelor of Science from the John Paul the Great Catholic University.
The INCOSE Natural Systems Working Group was only recently chartered in February, 2013 and the core leadership is developing the infrastructure to achieve its goal to increase the regular participation of Natural(living and non-living) Systems in the Systems Engineering process - not just bottom's up Biomimicry or the "ah-ha" moments of BioInspiration; and not just Discipline Specific functions or materials or processing capability, but in the broadest practical sense, integral to the normal SE method of doing business. Methods to achieve this will be by (1) facilitating the dialog through Community of Practice telecons and webinars, on-going web-based NSWG participant dialogs, and INCOSE meetings panels/associated papers and studies, and (2) documenting best practices from those dialogs and preparing written input for consideration to the INCOSE SE Handbook, BKCASE, and other publications.
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