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New Issue of SE Journal Published

by INCOSE UMS | Mar 03, 2005

Shipped in February, Volume 8, issue 1 of the Systems Engineering Journal is now available on the Wiley Interscience website. This issue includes:
  • "Requirements Development, Verification, and Validation Exhibited in Famous Failures" by A. Terry Bahill and Steven J. Henderson
  • "Including Technical and Security Risks in the Management of Information Systems: A Programmatic Risk Management Model" by Robin L. Dillon and M. Elisabeth Pate-Cornell
  • "Application of Axiomatic Design and Design Structure Matrix to Decomposition of Engineering Systems" by M. D. Guenov and S. G. Barker
  • "Model Transfer Among CASE Tools in Systems Engineering" by Roland Eckert, Wolfgang Mansel, and Gunther Specht
  • "A Systems Engineering Approach to Occupant Protection System Design and Optimization Through Modeling and Simulation" by Honglu (Louise) Zhang and Deren Ma
  • "Modeling and Analysis of Integration Processes for Engineering Systems" by Meir Tahan and Joseph Z. Ben-Asher
  • "Development of the Interactive Solution Marketplace (ISM): A Systems Engineering Case Study" by Eirik Hole, Dinesh Verma, Rashmi Jain, Vito Vitale, and Paul Popick
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