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INCOSE Launches Professional Certification Program

by INCOSE UMS | May 24, 2005

The Certification Program Office is now accepting applications from all systems engineers interested in professional certification. INCOSE recognized the first recipients of the designation of Certified Systems Engineering Professional (CSEP) in February 2005 during the annual workshop in Tampa, Florida.  The CSEP Program was established in March 2004 to provide a formal method for recognizing the knowledge and experience of systems engineers. Since then forty-two systems engineers from Australia, Korea, Scandinavia and North America have been recognized for their systems engineering competence.
“I applaud those professionals who have taken this step to show their commitment to test and maintain their systems engineering competence,” said Heinz Stoewer, President of INCOSE. “We hope they are soon joined by others with the same dedication to their profession and careers. Furthermore, we encourage organizations to consider the CSEP as a factor when selecting systems engineers for assignments.”
The certification is based on the professional and academic background of the candidate who must also pass a certification exam. Professional competence is validated by a minimum of three references, who must confirm the experience and recommend the applicant for certification. The designation is valid for three years and is renewable in three- year intervals.
INCOSE continues to make strides toward offering an online application process and is backed by Thomson Prometric, an organization that offers services in computer-based testing for academic services, corporate testing, and information technology certification. Applications received concurrently will be processed with first priority given to INCOSE members, and second priority given to employees of INCOSE Corporate Advisory Board member companies who are not INCOSE members; all other applications will be processed subsequently in the order received. The committee is working to streamline this human-intensive process and is soliciting the assistance of qualified CSEPs to serve as Certification Application Reviewers (CAR). For a list of current CSEPs and more information on the program and how to apply visit