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Press Release: INCOSE Launches eBook ‘Realizing Relevance: Stories for Our Digital Era’

by Christine Kowalski | May 31, 2023

INCOSE_Press Launch of eBook

SAN DIEGO (May 31, 2023) – The International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE) is pleased to announce the launch of the eBook “Realizing Relevance: Stories for Our Digital Era: The Business Value of Thinking in Systems.” This eBook is a guide for maximizing business and client value by unleashing the relevance and performance of digital solutions, products and services with fit-for-use systems engineering and thinking.

INCOSE Systems and Software Interfaces Working Group developed the eBook. Their mission is to increase the relevance of systems engineering and systems thinking in business settings that are software and data intensive, enabling the resilience of organizations and the products, systems and services they produce.

This interactive eBook links to video clips where the authors tell the real-life stories of how they used systems engineering and thinking to solve problems at the point where things went wrong to resolve the issues and find solutions. The eBook illustrates how taking a systems engineering approach at the beginning of a project may appear costly but has significant advantages and does ultimately save time and money.

Jeannine Siviy, chair of the INCOSE Systems and Software Interfaces Working Group, said, “The working group has created an easy to digest guide that covers, healthcare, eCommerce, startups, aerospace and automotive -- giving clear examples of how systems engineering and systems thinking have been enablers. I would like to say a special thank you to my fellow story authors, Dorothy McKinney, Sarah Sheard, Lauren Stolzar, Yann Argotti, Stephanie White, as well as everyone else who has supported us in developing this ebook.”

To learn more about “Realizing Relevance: Stories for Our Digital Era” eBook, visit the website:

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