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Cleveland-Northern Ohio Chapter

Presentations from Chapter Meetings

Date Topic
 01/12/2021  Chapter Presentation by Tim Schuler
 10/20/2020 Chapter Presentation by Tim Schuler
Famous Failures Revisited by Jim Armstrong
- The paper from IS2019 can be found at: (only accessible to INCOSE members after logging in to INCOSE)
- A copy of slides and a video recording of the presentation given to the  Chesapeake Chapter in 2019 can be found at:
 09/15/2020 Chapter Presentation by Tim Schuler
Community Appraisal for Resiliency Effectiveness (CARE) Project by Carl Dister,
 08/18/2020 Chapter Presentation by Tim Schuler
Resiliency in Systems Engineering by Rick Hefner
 08/04/2020 C-NO 2020 Annual General Meeting
C-NO 2019 Annual General Meeting
 04/10/2018 C-NO Chapter 10th Anniversary Presentation
 02/27/2018 XLDyn Overview by Thomas Tecco
 11/13/2017 Engineering 2.0: Rekindling Technological Innovation and Advanced Manufacturing by Sridhar Kota
MFORESIGHT: Alliance for Manufacturing Foresight by Sridhar Kota
 08/21/2017 Linking System Requirements with Product Performance by Thomas Tecco
 Video: Design Balance and Requirements Verification with XLDyn (160Mb)
 05/17/2017 All Faults are Decision Faults – and How to Prevent Them, by  John Fitch
 04/22/2017 Developing Complex MIL/Aerospace SoS at Minimum Risk and Cost, by Horst Salzwedel
 09/27/2016 Supply Chain Management by Stuart Kretch
 05/24/2016 Agile - Recorded Webinar and Charts
additional information can be found at the Agile Systems and SE Working Group Web page:
 04/26/2016 LIFE Systems - Meeting Customer Needs

IW2016  Outbrief
 03/24/2016 Standards, Tools and Technologies for Enabling MBSE Throughout the Systems Lifecycle
 02/23/2016 Concept Maps and SysML
For more information see Perigean Technologies website:
 05/19/2015 Pattern-Based Systems Engineering (PBSE) Introduction
 05/27/2014 Complexity and Its Implications to the Systems Engineering Process
For more information see Brian Castellani's main website:
 02/18/2014 Firsthand Reports on the INCOSE 2014 International Workshop
 01/22/2013 Applying Systems Thinking to Public Policy Regulating in the Power Industry