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Last post : 12/2/2021

Excited about our Dec. 8th meeting! Learning Soft Skills with Zane Scott

Raymond Wolfgang

Dec 01, 2021
Did you ever feel your career progression, should be more that it is? Maybe thought you would be further along? I did - and it turns out it was my soft skills that needed help! That's why I'm excited about Zane Scott's upcoming talk at our Chapter, via GlobalMeet, on Soft Skills and Persuasion. You may have heard Zane give a similar talk and workshop at the Western States Regional Conference (WSRC) last Sept.! 

In this talk, we'll learn how to use persuasion and a soft-skill touch "real time" to move others, move a project forward, and eventually move our careers forward. I for one want to boost my influence! Especially with some exciting technologies like MBSE becoming mainstream. I hope you can join me at the talk! 

Go to our chapter events page, and join us on Dec. 8th, 4:45pm Mountain Standard Time (2345 UTC) for this talk - IM me in the chat, if you've read this blog - and I will see you there. Email me at if you have any questions. 


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