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Enchantment Chapter

Meeting Materials

May 10, 2023
Agile Systems Engineering – A Primer on Eight Core Aspects (2MB). Recording (148 MB). Saved chat. Rick Dove (INCOSE Fellow, Working Group chair of System Security Engineering, and Agile Systems and Systems Engineering)

April 12, 2023
Gaining Clarity with the Theory of Systems Engineering: An Application to Needs and Requirements (2 MB). Alejandro Salado (Associate Professor of SE, Systems and Industrial Engineering Department, University of Arizona)

January 11, 2023
Collaborative Systems Thinking Culture: A Path to Success for Complex Projects (1 MB). Recording (110 MB). Raymond Wolfgang (Systems Engineer, Sandia National Laboratories)

December 14, 2022
Organizations as Systems: Principles of Systems Thinking to Improve Organizational Performance. Recording (132 MB) Eric van der Meulen (Senior Consultant at Agile Change) and Marcelino Sánchez (Managing Partner at Agilityze)

November 9, 2022
System of Systems Overview - If you thought Systems Engineering was fun, wait until you try System of Systems Engineering! Duncan Kemp (Senior Fellow for Systems Engineering in Defence Equipment and Support (DE&S) within the UK Ministry of Defence, Visiting Professor at Loughborough University)

September 14, 2022
Career Advice for Early Career Systems Engineers: 
What SE provides to an organization that Project Management does not? Ann Hodges (Systems Engineer, Sandia National Laboratories)
Why did you become an SE? and did you like the decision?, Marlene Brown (Systems Engineer, (ret) Sandia National Laboratories)
Attributes of a Good SE, Gregory Chavez (Systems Engineer, Los Alamos National Laboratory)
What are your thoughts on how the field of SE has progressed throughout recent years? Arno Granados (Boeing LEOS Engineering Manager)
MBSE Adoption, Cheryl Kinchen (SAIC Chief Engineer)
Will system engineering become its unique engineering discipline as the traditional disciplines (industrial, mechanical, electrical) engineering fields? Will it remain as a area where all traditional fields collaborate and work together? Arno Granados (Boeing LEOS Engineering Manager)
What are some of the most common issues you face as a systems engineer? Quinn Fatherley (Systems Engineer, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory)
What is your favorite part of SE? Raymond Wolfgang (Systems Engineer, Sandia National Laboratories)

August 10, 2022
From Fragile to Agile. Recording (104 MB). Ann Hodges (Systems Engineer, Sandia National Laboratories)

June 8, 2022
Developing Competence in the SE Professional Competencies. Recording (101 MB). Heidi Hahn (adjunct profession NM Tech, ret. LANL)

May 11, 2022
Applying the Human Readiness Scale in the SE Process. Recording (195 MB). Judi See (Human Factors Engineer and System Analyst, Sandia National Laboratories)

March 9, 2022
Framework for Understanding SE Principles and Heuristics. Recording (60MB). David Rousseau (Director of the Centre for Systems Philosophy (UK), Research Associate in the School of Engineering at Oregon State University)

February 9, 2022
Ideas in Conjunction: Antagonistic Systems Engineering and Digital Transformation. Recording (XMB). Arno Granados, Boeing Laser and Electro Optic Systems (LEOS)

January 12, 2022
The Six V's and Three T's of Systems EngineeringRecording (184MB). David Long, Vitec Corp.  

December 8, 2021
Conflict Management, Negotiation and Persuasion for Systems Engineers. Recording (122MB). Zane Scott, Vitec Corp. 

November 10, 2021
Smart Cities. Recording (115MB). Jennifer Russell, Garver USA 

October 13, 2021
Systems Engineering Evidence in Commercial Kitchens. Recording (112MB). Jim Armstrong, Stevens Institute of Technology.

September 8, 2021
Leveraging Set-Based Practices to Enable Efficient Concurrency in Large Systems and Systems-of Systems EngineeringRecording (133MB), Brian Kennedy

August 11, 2021
WBS Integration with an Effective ScheduleRecording (93MB), Pat Foley, PM Tec Inc., Sandia National Laboratories (Note: the recording is audio only but you can download the slides and follow along.)

July 14, 2021
No materials; the July Chapter Meeting was a social event. 

June 9, 2021
Interface Management, The Neglected Orphan of Systems EngineeringRecording 3MB), Paul Davies

May 12, 2021
Human Systems Integration and Its Role in Systems EngineeringRecording (126MB), Dr. Cheryl Bolstad, Sandia National Laboratories

April 14, 2021
INCOSE's Guide to Verification and Validation: Context, Progress, and Content. Recording (102KB), Raymond Wolfgang, Sandia National Laboratories

March 10, 2021
Perspectives on the Boeing 737MAX Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System (MCAS), No Recording, Dr. Ron Carson, Seattle Pacific University and the University of Washington

February 10, 2021
Implementing a Model-Based, Digital Engineering Enterprise for a Defense Systems Integrator - an Ongoing Journey, Recording (126MB), Gan Wang, BAE Systems

January 13, 2021
Schema and Metamodels and Ontologies – Oh My!Recording (22MB), David Long, Vitech

December 9, 2020   
Patterns for Success in the Adoption and Execution of Feature-Based Product Line EngineeringRecording (137MB),  Dr. Paul Clements (BigLever Software) and David Hartley (Dynamics Missions Systems Product Line Engineering Center of Excellence )

November 11, 2020   
Empowering Women Leaders in Systems EngineeringRecording (88MB), Dr. Heidi Hahn, Los Alamos National Laboratory (retired), New Mexico Tech.

October 14, 2020   
Achieving System-of-Systems Interoperability Levels, Recording (90MB), Jacob Alexsson, Mälardalen University, and RISE Research Institutes of Sweden

September 9, 2020
No meeting materials due to 2020 Summer Social Event - Virtual Bingo

August 12, 2020   
A Next-Generation Model-Based Enterprise Maturity IndexRecording (95MB), Sarah Hale, Sandia National Laboratories

July 8, 2020  
Systems Engineering 2.0Recording (236MB), Dr. Jon Wade, Jacobs School of Engineering, University of California, San Diego

June 10, 2020 
Security Foundations for the Future of Systems Engineering (FuSE)Recording (52MB), Rick Dove, Paradigm Shift International

May 13, 2020 
Applying MBSE to NW Development and Sustainment Programs at SNLRecording (135MB), Mary Compton, Max Danik, Marcus Glazebrook, James Nistler, Sandia National Laboratories

April 8, 2020   
Nuclear Weapon Engineering Requirements ModelingRecording (61MB), Josh Salinas, Sandia National Laboratories

March 11, 2020
No speaker due to Winter Social Event

February 12, 2020   
A Definition Abstraction and Implementation (DAI) Process for System-of-Systems EngineeringRecording (5MB), Dr. Ali Raz, Purdue University School of Aeronautics and Astronautics and U.S. Navy Naval Surface Warfare Center

January 8, 2020  
Leading Cultural Change & Transformation (No separate slides), Recording (123MB) 
Anne O'Neil, Systems Engineering Catalyst and Strategist, Anne O'Neil Consultants, INCOSE Industry Outreach Ambassador

December 11, 2019   
Why the SEMP is Not Shelfware. How to Write a SEMP to Ensure it Delivers Value to All! (7KB),
Becky Reed, Reed Integration and Ian Presland, Charterhouse Systems

November 13, 2019   
MBSE 2.0: The Future of MBSE (7KB), Recording (117MB) 
David Long, President, ViTech Corporation. Past President and Fellow, INCOSE

October 9, 2019
Bioinspiration for Future Systems Engineering and Architecture (13MB) Recording (107MB) 
 Randall Anway, AIA and Principle, New Tapestry, LLC

September 11, 2019  
Systems Engineering Challenge Event - at Nexus Brewery, Slides (360KB) Recording (86MB),Notes (600KB)
Ann Hodges, Sandia National Labs, Event Facilitator

July 10, 2019

Systems Engineering (SE) for Early Stage Research & Development (ESR&D) Working Group Update (1.4MB), Recording (150MB)
Dr. Heidi Hahn and Ann Hodges, Sandia National Labs

June 12, 2019  

Enterprise Data Definition Management for a System of Systems (1.0MB), Recording (25MB)
Barbara Mills, Sandia National Labs  

May 8, 2019  
Systems of Systems (SoS) Managerial and Operational Affinity (9.0MB), Recording (100MB)
Dr. Mike Yokell,  Lockheed Martin

April 10, 2019  

SE Fundamentals on Portfolio, Program, and Project Management (P3M) Recording (57MB)
Dr. Tina Srivastava, MIT Aeronautics and Astronautics Engineering

March 13, 2019  

Evidence-Based Approach to Implementing the New INCOSE Systems Engineering Competency Framework (1.5MB), Recording (43mb)
Dr. Don Gelosh, Director of Systems Engineering Programs, Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Feb 8, 2019 

Holiday Social - Wine Tasting at Gruet Winery - Flyer (200KB)
Mary Compton, Producer, Sandia National Labs

January 10, 2019

Understanding the INCOSE Certification Process (7.5MB)
Paul Martin, CEO, SE Scholar

January 9, 2019  

Risk and Opportunity Management in an MBSE with SysML Environment (1.5MB), Recording (41.9MB)
Brian Selvy, CEO, CTO, and Co-founder of Nymbysys LLC

November 14, 2018

An SE Approach to Providing PV in Ghana (800KB), Recording (45MB)

Marlene Brown, Sandia National Laboratories, Systems Engineer

October 10, 2018

Using Enterprise Architecture for Analysis of a Complex Adaptive Organization’s Risk Inducing Characteristics (1.6MB), Recording (47MB)

Laura Salguero, Sandia Labs

September 12, 2018

Agile SE Processes 201: Problem Space Derived Solution Requirements (648KB), Recording (52MB)

Rick Dove, Paradigm Shift International

August 8, 2018

Systems Engineering Challenge Event - at Nexus Brewery (180KB), Recording (75MB), Notes (315KB)

Ann Hodges, Sandia National Laboratories, Event Facilitator

July 18, 2018

Summer Social Event at Shark Reef Café – Flyer (281KB)

Mary Compton, Enchantment Chapter Event Director

June 13, 2018

Requirements Efficiency: Challenges and Best Practices (1.9MB), Recording (48MB)

Cheryl Bolstad, Sandia National Laboratories, Human Factors

May 9, 2018

Creating Decision Guidance for Applying Agile System Engineering (1MB), Recording (59MB)

Ron Lyells, Retired Honeywell, Co-Chair Agile Systems & SE Working Group

Apr 11, 2018

Is Systems Engineering Really Engineering? (368KB), Recording (76MB)

Steve Jenkins, California Institute of Technology, Jet Propulsion Lab

Mar 14, 2018

Systems Engineering Transformation (5.2MB), Recording (80MB)

Troy Peterson, System Strategy; Director INCOSE’s Transformation Initiative

Feb 14, 2018

MBSE Implementation Across Diverse Domains (1.1MB), Recording (60MB)

Ron Carson, Retired Boeing, Seattle Pacific University

Jan 10, 2018

Cybersecurity for Highly Automated Physical Systems – System Aware Cybersecurity(540KB), Recording (55MB), Biblio

Barry Horowitz, University of Virginia

Dec 8, 2017

Holiday Social - Lions, Zebras, and Giraffes, Oh My Presentation (2.5MB), Flyer (1.0MB), Chapter Banner Loop (8.5MB)

John Hunter producing, Mary Compton speaking, Sandia National Labs

Nov 9, 2017

Architecting Cyber Physical Systems (3.5MB), Recording not available..

Cihan Dagli, Missouri University of Science & Technology

Oct 11, 2017

Why is Human-Model Interactivity Important to the Future of Model-Centric Systems Engineering?(1.4MB), Recording - Chapter meeting recording not available, but UTube recording of earlier talk with same title is HERE.

Donna Rhodes, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Sep 13, 2017

 Beyond Biomimicry to Systems Mimicry (7MB), Recording (114MB)

Len Troncale, California State Polytechnic University

Aug 9, 2017

Agile Systems and Processes 106 – Risk Management and Mitigation (1MB), Recording (71MB)

Rick Dove, Paradigm Shift International

July 6, 2017

Summer Social Event at Chama River Brewing Company – Flyer (170KB)

Mary Compton, Enchantment Chapter Event Director; and Robert Taylor, Friedman Recycling, Virtual Tour Guide

June 14, 2017

Defining “System” – a Comprehensive Approach (1.3MB), IS17 Paper (184KB), Recording (62MB)

Regina Griego, Sandia National Labs

May 10, 2017

The Art and Science of Systems Engineering – Developing the Next Generation of Systems Engineering Leaders (1.2MB), Recording (60MB)

Dawn Schaible, NASA

April 12, 2017

What the Systems Community can Learn From ASME Work in Computational Model V&V Standardization (3.2MB), Recording (52MB)

Bill Schindel, ICTT System Sciences

March 13, 2017, Joint Chapter Meeting with Southern Arizona Chapter 

Enabling and Facilitating Agility (1MB), Recording (52MB)

Rick Dove, Paradigm Shift International

March 8, 2017 

Integration of Agile Principles into the Systems Engineering Lifecycle Model (900KB), Recording(30MB)

Alan Benson, California Department of Transportation

February 8, 2017 

Transforming Systems Engineering through a Holistic Approach to Model-Centric Systems Engineering (2.3MB), Recording (51MB)

Mark Blackburn, Stevens Institute of Technology

January 11, 2017 

A Mission Assurance Framework for R and D Organizations (1.3MB), Mission Assurance Support Tool, v2 (46KB), Recording (53MB)

Heidi Hahn, Los Alamos National Laboratory

December 2, 2016 

Holiday Social Event at Savoy Bar & Grill – Flyer (1MB)

Presentation: Valle de Oro National Wildlife Refuge

Jennifer Owen-White, Fish and Wildlife Service Refuge Manager (no slides to post)

November 9, 2016 

How is Model-based Systems Engineering Justified? (5.3MB), Research Report (3.2MB), Recording(50MB)

Ed Carroll, Sandia National Laboratories

October 12, 2016 

Testing of Autonomous Systems - Challenges and State of the Art (2.1MB), IS16 Paper(500KB), Recording (34MB)

Philipp Helle, Airbus

September 14, 2016 
Note: This is a two-week-later updated version of the Chapter presentation, given as an INCOSE Webinar, and addresses Chapter feedback on the original presentation to the Chapter.

Agile Systems & Processes 105: Operational Awareness – Alert to Threats and Opportunities (1MB), Recording (38MB)

Rick Dove, Paradigm Shift International

August 10, 2016 

How Ready Are We to Consider Natural Systems Concepts (1.7MB), Recording (49MB)

Larry Pohlmann, Owner, Strategics

July 6, 2016 

Summer Social: The Life Cycle of a Grape (186KB). 

Heidi Hahn, Director of the Engineering Capability Development Office, Los Alamos National Lab

June 8, 2016 

Cooks, Recipes, and Ingredients (Slides) (2MB), Recording (36MB), IS15 Paper (1MB)

Andy Pickard, INCOSE Chief of Staff and Rolls-Royce Associate Fellow in SE, Rolls-Royce

May 11, 2016 

Systems and Software Product Line Engineering – State of the Industry (Slides) (6MB), Recording(65MB)

Paul Clements, PhD, VP, BigLever Software

April 13, 2016

Got Phenomena? Science-Based Disciplines for Emerging Systems Challenges (Slides) (6MB), Recording (46MB), IS16 Paper (1MB)

Bill Schindel, President, ICTT System Sciences

March 09, 2016 Observations on Using Models As Specifications (Slides) (1.2MB), Recording (40MB) 

Duke Buster - Honeywell Aerospace – Advanced Technology

February 8, 2016

Towards a New Paradigm for Management of Complex Engineering Projects: A System-of-Systems Framework (Slides) (2MB), Recording (42MB)

Jin Zhu, Ph.D. candidate and Dr. Ali Mostafavi, assistant professor Florida International University

January 13, 2016

Systems Integration –What Are We Waiting For? (Slides) (1MB), Recording (55MB)

Jim Armstrong, CSEP, Industry Professor, Stevens Institute of Technology

December 4, 2015

Holiday Social Event - Flyer and Pictures (1MB)

Teaming with Contractors (verbal presentation, nothing to post)

Paul Mann (SES), White Sands Missile Range

November 11, 2015

A Complexity Primer for Systems Engineers - SlidesRecording  (56MB), Primer Paper

Jimmie McEver, John Hopkins University, Applied Physics Laboratory

October 14, 2015 Joint Chapter Meeting with Central Arizona Chapter

Phoenix Sky Harbor Terminal 3 Modernization - Slides (322KB), Presentation not released for posting

Jennifer L. Maples, Aviation Superintendent, Phoenix Sky Harbor

September 9, 2015 Joint Chapter Meeting with Colorado Front Range Chapter

Note: This is a week-later updated version of the Chapter presentation, for which a recording was not available, and addresses Chapter feedback on the original presentation.

 Agile 104: Quality Fundamentals - The Art of Systems Engineering - SlidesRecording (34MB)

Rick Dove, Paradigm Shift International


August 12, 2015  Agile System Modeling and Lifecycle Engineering with Object-Process Methodology – OPM - SlidesRecording (62MB)

Dov Dorie, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Technion, Israel Institute of Technology


July 8, 2015

 Summer Social Event - Flyer

Tour of Sandia Tram and Chapter Hosted Networking


June 10, 2015 Joint Chapter Meeting with Southern Arizona Chapter

Systems Engineering for Software Intensive Projects using Agile Methods - Slides (1M), Paper(1.2M), Recording (52MB)

Larri Rosser, Raytheon Intelligence, Information & Services, Sr. Principal SE


May 13, 2015 Chapter Meeting

NDIA: A Place for Systems Engineers to Move the Needle - Slides (1.5M),  Recording (25M)

Dr. Beth Wilson, Raytheon Company, Senior Principal Engineering Fellow


April 8, 2015 Chapter Meeting

Design Thinking: What is it and What Does it Mean for Systems Engineering? - Slides (1.8M), Recording (35M)

Clifford A. Whitcomb, Ph.D. Professor and Chair, Systems Engineering Department, Naval Postgraduate School


March 12, 2015 Joint Chapter Meeting with Southern Arizona Chapter

Lean Systems Engineering Using the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) - Slides (1.4M), Recording(87M)

Harry Koehnemann, Director of Technology, 321 Gang


March 11, 2015 Chapter Meeting

Evolutionary Systems Engineering for Unmanned Systems at SPAWAR - Slides  (2.4M), Recording (54M)

Chris Scrapper, SPAWAR System Center Pacific Unmanned Systems Group


February 11, 2015 Chapter Meeting

When “Yes” is the Wrong Answer (best paper award at IS14) - Slides (704K), Paper (914K), Recording (58M)

Andy Pickard, Rolls Royce


January 14, 2015 Chapter Meeting

Model based Conceptual Design - Slides (1.8M), Recording (73M)

Jack Ring, Educe LLC, OntoPilot LLC, Kennen technologies LLC


December 2014 Chapter Social Meeting

Holiday Social at El Pinto Restaurant (108K)


November 12, 2014 Chapter Meeting

INCOSE Systems of Systems Working Group (1.6M)

Judith Dahmann, MITRE Corporation


October 08, 2014 Chapter Meeting

Combating Uncertainty in the Workflow of Systems Engineering projects - Slides (508K), Paper(381K), Recording (61M) 

Barry Papke, L3 Communications


September 10, 2014 Chapter Meeting

Agile Systems and Processes 103: Fleshing out Architecture with Design Principles, Activities, and Closure (2.3M), Audio Only Recording (8M)

Rick Dove, Paradigm Shift International


August 13, 2014 Chapter Meeting

The Space Catalog Mission and Conjunction Analysis (4.1M), Recording (54M)

Seth Harvey, Intelligent Software Solutions


July 09, 2014 Chapter Meeting

Summer Social Event: The Art, Science, and Engineering of Beer Production (463K)

Chama River Brewing Company


June 11, 2014 Chapter Meeting

SEAM - Secure Engineering Assurance Model (5.2M), Recording (44.7M)

Perri Nejib and Dawn Beyer, Lockheed Martin


May 14, 2014 Chapter Meeting

An Overview of Pattern-Based Systems Engineering (PBSE): Leveraging MBSE Techniques (4.5M), Recording (14.6M)

William D. Schindel, ICTT System Sciences, and Troy Peterson, Booz Allen Hamilton


April 09, 2014 Chapter Meeting

Evolving T&E in the FAA (2.6M), Recording (197M)

John Frederick, FAA


March 12, 2014 Chapter Meeting

Simulating Adaptive Project Management (500K), Recording (11M)

Tyson Browning, Texas Christian University


February 12, 2014 Chapter Meeting

What Kind of Computer is the Brain (23.32M)

Chris Wood, Santa Fe Institute


January 08, 2014 Chapter Meeting

Science and Engineering cycles in initializing complex, adaptive systems (1.51M), Recording (15.5M)

Jack Ring, Educe, LLC


December 06, 2013 Chapter Social Meeting

Holiday Social at El Pinto Restaurant


November 14, 2013 Chapter Meeting

Service Systems Engineering

Amit Lopes, University of Texas, El Paso


October 09, 2013 Chapter Meeting

Applying INCOSE's SE Competency Framework (not available)

Ron Lyells, Honeywell


September 11, 2013 Chapter Meeting

Agile Systems and Processes - Driving Architecture with ConOps and Response Situation Analysis (Agile 102)

Rick Dove, Paradigm Shift International


July 10, 2013 Chapter Meeting

Leveraging System Science When Doing System Engineering

Richard A. Martin, INCOSE System Science Working Group and Tinwisle Corporation


June 12, 2013 Chapter Meeting

Technical Debt in Large Systems: Understanding the Cost of Software Complexity

Dan Sturtevant, Massachusetts Institute of Technology


May 08, 2013 Chapter Meeting

Bricks for a Lean Systems Engineering Yellow Brick Road

Ann Hodges, Sandia National Laboratories


April 10, 2013 Chapter Meeting

Beyond T&E

Jack Ring, Educe LLC


March 13, 2013 Chapter Meeting

Managing the Project Team as a Special Class of Stakeholder for Enterprise Transformation Projects

Heidi Hahn, Ph.D., CSEP-A, PMP, Los Alamos National Laboratory


February 13, 2013 Chapter Meeting

International Workshop 2013 Report


January 09, 2013 Chapter Meeting

Identifying Architectural Modularity in the Smart Grid

Original Paper

Brad Rogers, Navigant Consulting


December 12, 2012 Chapter Meeting

Spaceport America, New Mexico

Embassy Suites, Announcement

Christine Anderson, Executive Director of the New Mexico Spaceport Authority


November 14, 2012 Chapter Meeting

Current State of the DOD Acquisition, Test & Evaluation Enterprise

Charles E. Adolph


October 10, 2012 Chapter Meeting

Report on the 2012 International Symposium in Rome (not available)

Regina Griego, Sandia National Laboratories


September 12, 2012 Chapter Meeting

Something Wicked This Way Comes ... SE Responsibility for System Security

Rick Dove, Paradigm Shift International


August 08, 2012 Chapter Meeting

Parable of the Program Baseline

Regina Griego, Ph.D., Sandia National Labs


July 11, 2012 Chapter Meeting

Mechanical Design, Fabrication, Assembly, Test, Integration, and Launch of the ChemCam Instrument for the NASA Mars Science Laboratory Rover

John Bernardin, Los Alamos National Laboratory


June 13, 2012 Chapter Meeting

Lean Enablers for Managing Engineering Programs

Josef Oehmen, MIT


May 09, 2012 Chapter Meeting

Complexity Measurement Results

Sarah Sheard, Third Millennium Systems


April 11, 2012 Chapter Meeting

Arrowhead Center: Accelerating Economic Development

Kathy Hansen, Chief Operations Officer, Arrowhead Center, New Mexico State University


March 14, 2012 Chapter Meeting

Call to Action for T&E of System of Systems (manned - unmanned - autonomous - networked - self-evolving) 

ITEA Environment SoS

Toward a System of Systems Concepts Ackoff Paper

Tom Tenorio, Senior Principle Systems Analyst, WSMR/ATAMIR/NCI Test Engineering & Analysis Support


February 08, 2012 Chapter Meeting

IW2012 Working Group Summary 


January 11, 2012 Chapter Meeting

A Function Point Overview with Potential Application in Systems Engineering

Joe Schofield, President of the International Function Point Users Group, Sandia National Laboratories (Retired)


December 16, 2011 Chapter Meeting

 El Pinto restaurant


November 09, 2011 Chapter Meeting

Security Risk Management and Cost-Benefit Analysis: Method And Example Applications

Gregory D. Wyss, Security Systems and Analysis Department, Sandia National Laboratories


October 12, 2011 Chapter Meeting

Configuration Management Basics

Ann Hodges, Systems Engineer in the Defense Systems & Assessments, Mission Assurance Department at Sandia National Laboratories


September 14, 2011 Chapter Meeting

Human Systems Integration Railroad applications: HSI beyond DoD

Jennifer Narkevicius, Co-chair INCOSE Human Systems Integration Working Group, Managing Director Jenius LLC


August 10, 2011 Chapter Meeting

Waste Processing Cost Recovery at Los Alamos National Laboratory - Analysis and Recommendations

Steven R. Booth, Engineering Economist, Process Modeling and Analysis, LANL


July 13, 2011 Chapter Meeting 

Defending Software Applications from Threats Through Code Analysis

Stephen J. Sutton, P.E., E.S.E.P., The Analytical Systems Corporation (TASC), retired


May 11, 2011 Chapter Meeting

Architectural Patterns for Self-Organizing Systems-of-Systems

Craig Nichols, L3 Communications


April 13, 2011 Chapter Co-Meeting with UTEP Student Division

UTEP INCOSE Division: What it is, how it works, why to belong

Eric Smith, University of Texas at El Paso


March 09, 2011 Chapter Meeting

Knowledge Based Engineering in Aerospace (and Other Industries)

Paul McGoey, The Boeing Company


January 12, 2011 Chapter Meeting

Toward Systems with a Will to Live: Autonomic Awareness

Rick Dove, Paradigm Shift International


December 10, 2010 Chapter Meeti   National Museum of Nuclear Science & History


October 13, 2010 Chapter Meeting

A Strategy for Stakeholder Management on an Enterprise-wide Software Engineering Project 

Heidi Hahn, Los Alamos National Laboratory


August 11, 2010 Chapter Meeting

Prescriptive and Adaptive Test Framework 

Ricardo Velardi, Massachusetts Institute of Technology


July 07, 2010 Chapter Meeting 

 It's Not Easy Being Lean 

Sheri Clark, Clark Consulting Group


June 09, 2010 Chapter Meeting

UAST Roadmap: Work in Progress

Thomas Tenorio, Principle Systems Analyst, NCI, Inc.


May 12, 2010 Chapter Meeting

Turning Fuzzy Expectations into Engineering Reality: Quality Function Deployment 

Peter McQuade, Stevens Institute of Technology, School of Systems and Enterprises


April 14, 2010 Chapter Meeting

Attacking the Growing System Security Gap - The Frontier of Systems Engineering

Rick Dove, Chair, INCOSE's Systems Security Engineering Working Group


January 10, 2010 Chapter Meeting

The Systems Engineering Research Center (UARC) 

Dr. Dinesh Verma, Executive Director of SERC

Security Systems Engineering at SERC

Jennifer Bayuk, Cybersecurity Program Director - SERC