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Opening Presentations

• Welcome - Aly El-Orsery, New Mexico Tech Electrical Engineering Department Chair
What's Happening - Rick Dove, Paradigm Shift International, Summit Event Chair
Keynote - Kerry Lunney, Thales Australia, INCOSE President Elect

Workshop Topic Material - Amalgamated

• Agile SE in Mixed Discipline Projects - Facilitator: Rick Dove 
• Autonomous Systems Complexity Assessment - Facilitator: Eric Smith 
• Full Life Cycle Attention by System Developers - Facilitator: Ann Hodges 
• Mixed Discipline SE Training - Facilitator: Heidi Hahn - Facilitator: Ann Hodges
• Problem Space Focus Before Solution Work - Facilitator: Ron Lyells
• Student Involvement in Chapter & WG Activities - Facilitator: John Brtis
• Verification & Validation of SE Models - Facilitator: Oscar Mondragon 
• Women as Leaders in Systems Engineering - Facilitator: Ann Hodges

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