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Opening Presentations

• Welcome - Aly El-Orsery, New Mexico Tech Electrical Engineering Department Chair
• What's Happening - Rick Dove, INCOSE Enchantment Chapter Event Chair
• Keynote - Anne O'Neil, Anne O'Neil Consultants

Workshop Topic Material - Amalgamated

• Agile Security Adaptable to Attack Evolution - Facilitator: Rick Dove 
• Fail-Fast Rapid Innovation Concepts - Facilitator: Bill Schindel
• High Performance Teaming - Facilitator: Dr. Frank Reinow 
• Integrating Project Management and Systems Engineering - Facilitator: Ann Hodges
• Problem Space Risk Characterization - Facilitator: Dr. Regina Griego
• Quick Reaction Capability for Urgent Needs - Facilitator: Ed Carroll
• Systems Engineering as Multi-discipline Enabler/Art/Science - Facilitator: Ron Lyells 
• Systems Engineering Cultural Transformation - Facilitator: Dr. Heidi Hahn

Attendees and Feedback

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• Feedback Comments
• UTEP Student Division Thank You Video (1.2 Min, 14MB)


Chapters & Groups

Mission & Objectives


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