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Hampton Road Area


HRA INCOSE seeks to ensure a professional focus for, and to promote, systems engineering in the Hampton Roads by:

  • Providing educational and professional growth through regular programs on systems engineering topics
  • Providing a focal point for fellowship and dissemination of systems engineering knowledge
  • Providing focused systems engineering workshops to supplement government and industry training programs
  • Promoting collaboration in systems engineering education and research
  • Supporting establishment of professional standards for integrity in the practice of systems engineering
  • Supporting INCOSE's technical committees
  • Supporting Chapter members in their efforts to understand, apply, and represent systems engineeringin their specific industry, academic, and/or government positions 

HRA INCOSE is active at both the local and national level. Locally, the Chapter hosts dinner meetings to expand systems engineering awareness and knowledge, and participates in outreach programs to promote students' interest in systems engineering. The Chapter is also an active member of the Peninsula Engineers Council. On the national level, the Chapter is involved in training via the Systems Engineering Certification Tutorial Webinar. Chapter members continue to actively support the INCOSE International Workshop as a part of the Chapter Awards Committee, as well as the INCOSE International Symposium as participants in several Working Groups.

Systems engineering - the engineering of complex systems - is becoming increasingly important as a strategic competitive technical advantage in our global marketplace. HRA INCOSE complements other professional societies by providing information and processes to a wide range of students, engineers, scientists, and managers that help them more effectively integrate and understand customers' needs and translate those needs into valued products.

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