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Hampton Road Area
Board of Directors meetings are held via telecon on the third Thursday of every month.  Contact the DaL for Programs for details.

BoD Communications Hub on INCOSE Connect (Requires INCOSE log-in)

2020 Board of Directors

Devon Stanley
Vice President - Chapter Development
Quineice McGee
 Vice President - Technical Development
   Will Ferguson
Celine Baysal
Secretary   Vacant

Past President

Ben Hudson
Director at Large for Programs   Veronica Speller
Director at Large for Membership
Celine Baysal
Director at Large, University Liaison   Dr. Sam Kovacic
Director at Large, Corporate Liaison   VACANT

Director at Large, Government Liaison   VACANT
Director at Large for Publications   VACANT

Director at Large for Training and Education  John 200
John Clark
Director at Large for Communications   Daniel Lee