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Hampton Road Area

President's Welcome

Welcome to the INCOSE Hampton Roads Area (HRA) chapter.  We are a local community of professionals consisting of systems engineers dedicated to excellence in the practice, as well as others that utilize “systems thinking” - or just simply have an interest in the field.  That’s right, not all INCOSE members are systems engineers by trade, training or profession, but we’re all dedicated to involvement in strengthening the systems engineering community of Hampton Roads, Virginia.  An area of rich history including space exploration and military, our Hampton Roads chapter provides a unique membership base that offers networking opportunities at every turn. We invite you to join us for a fun, educational and social chapter dinner meeting, of which we hold 10 each year.  You belong in our systems thinking community!

We invite you to check out our web site over the course of this year, contact any of our board members and become familiar with what INCOSE, systems engineering and HRA can do for you and your career - now.  If you’d like to network professionally, this is the right place.  We have engineers, IT professionals, managers, directors, and presidents in our ranks. We are diverse, friendly and helpful.  I look forward to talking to you, getting to know your needs and aspirations and helping you become a part of our growing professional community. 

Kind regards,                          ......Ben

Ben Hudson, CSEP, PMP, CISSP
2017 Chapter President INCOSE HRA Chapter