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IS2021 31st Annual INCOSE International Symposium

Congratulations to John Clark and HRA members involved in developing the training tutorial:

The Technical Program Committee for the 31st Annual INCOSE International Symposium (IS2021) is pleased to inform you that your tutorial, submission ID #7 entitled “Overview of the INCOSE SE Handbook Version 4.0”, has been accepted and you are invited to conduct your tutorial at the Symposium. The committee received 27 tutorial submissions, of which 12 have been accepted for the general program. Tutorials were selected based on diversity of topics this year and in past years, review results.


This year’s Symposium will be held July 17 - 22, 2021 and will be virtual.   Given that it will be a virtual program, it is likely that a full day tutorial will be split to two half day tutorials over two days. More information on how the tutorial is to be conducted virtually will be communicated in the month of March-April 2021.

John Clark - Director at Large for Training and Education

John serves as the founder and chair of the INCOSE Training Working Group and the chair of the Process Improvement Working Group.  John also serves as the founder and author of the Systems Engineering Handbook Tutorial and Systems Engineering Fundamentals Tutorial webinars, and the recruiter for the Tech Ops monthly webinars.


John Clark gets a mention in December 2016 INCOSE Member Newsletter

Our very own John Clark and the chapter got a mention in the December 2016 INCOSE Member Newsletter on page 6.  The article is about the free training on the new INCOSE Handbook John provides.

"The INCOSE Training Working Group and the INCOSE Hampton Roads Area Chapter are providing INCOSE Systems Engineering (SE) Handbook V4.0 and other free training for all INCOSE members, employees of INCOSE CAB organizations, and employees and students of INCOSE Academic Council organizations."

John Clark Represents HRA INCOSE at the 2016 IW!!!

John Clark, HRA Director of Training and Education, participated in the 2016 INCOSE International Workshop (IW) held in Los Angeles from Saturday January 30th thru Tuesday February 2nd. The IW is held annually at that time of year to review the past year’s actual technical progress, next year’s planned technical progress, and prepare for the following July’s International Symposium (IS). The IW is The event of the year for systems engineers to contribute to the state of the art.

IMG_4176The IW is organized and run by the Technical Operations (Tech Ops) arm of INCOSE. There are a total of 41 Working Groups (WGs) and an average of 46 meetings involving these WGs and other groups on each of the four consecutive days. Tech Ops manages the WGs, IWs, and the ISs. The 2016 IW site may be viewed here. Photos of the IW may be viewed by logging into INCOSE Connect.

John serves as the founder and chair of the Training WG and the chair of the Process Improvement WG. He led these two WG meetings and previously received two awards as shown in the attached photo wearing his HRA shirt! John also serves as the founder and author of the SE Handbook Tutorial and SE Fundamentals Tutorial webinars, and the recruiter for the Tech Ops monthly webinars.

At the IW he represented the HRA Chapter in chapter-related meetings including the Americas Sector chapter leaders meeting chaired by the new Director, Dr Steven Dam, and the WG-Chapter integration meeting chaired by Jim Armstrong. Dr Dam will be organizing a chapter leaders meeting of all of the chapters soon. Jim presented a matrix of which Europe, Middle East, and Asia (EMEA) Sector Chapters participated in which WGs, and will develop one for the Americas Sector. HRA Chapter members are encouraged to increase their participation in the WGs.

The IW is a great place to exchange ideas on technical activities and work together for the benefit of the systems engineering community. HRA Chapter members are highly encouraged to participate in the IW. If you have any questions, please contact John at