About This Chapter

We are currently proposing a new set of Bylaws for the Chapter to correct some issues from our old governing documents.
A copy of the proposed document is provided here.


 2021 INCOSE Huntsville Regional Chapter (HRC) Officer or Board Member


Paul Sullivan, Cubic Corporation
Paul_A_Sullivan AT incose DOT net and paul.sullivan AT cubic DOT com

 President-Elect/Vice President

Tony Lindeman, Dynetics
Tony.Lindeman AT dynetics DOT com

 Immediate Past-President

David Swinney, Defense Acquisition University (DAU)
David.Swinney AT dau DOT edu


Alberto Duarte, NASA Marshall Spaceflight Center (MSFC) 
alberto.duarte AT nasa DOT gov


Sheila Dyas, Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab (APL) 
Sheila.Dyas AT jhuapl DOT edu

 Program Chair

Susan Askew, Defense Acquisition University (DAU)
Susan.Askew AT dau DOT edu

 Communication Chair

Daniel Cobb,Dynetics
Daniel.Cobb AT dynetics DOT com

 Website Committee Chair

Logan Mitchell, Quantum International
LMitchell AT quantum-intl DOT com

 Membership Committee Chair

Bradley Biehn, Jacobs Engineering   
bradley.biehn AT nasa DOT gov

 Industry Representative

Maurizio Mazza, Tri-Vector
Maurizio.Mazza AT tri-vector DOT us

 Government Representative

Dr. Eric Sholes, NASA MFSC
Eric.C.Sholes AT NASA DOT gov

  Academic Representative

Dr. Charles McCurry, PhD, Tennessee State University (TSU) 
cmccurry AT tnstate DOT edu 

 Josh Whitehead, NASA Marshall Spaceflight Center (MSFC)
 Josh Whitehead, NASA Marshall Spaceflight Center (MSFC)
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