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Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) provides a means to develop complex systems in a digital environment and to enable the systems engineering process across its entire lifecycle. The MBSE Working Group has been established to address the challenges associated with implementing and sustaining a MBSE framework.

The MBSE WG meets on the 2nd Thursday of each month from 5:30 to 6:30. During COVID-19, meetings will be virtual and will resume at the new MITRE center near Redstone Arsenal when safe.


January 13, 2022; 5:30-6:30pm CST

Speaker: Monte Porter

Topic: UAF

This month’s speaker will be Monte Porter, most of you all are very familiar with Monte and his work.  For those of you who don’t, Monte was an early adopter of model based systems engineering here in Huntsville at Missiles and Space.  Monte was also recognized by NoMagic as a Model Based Systems Engineer of the year.  As you can see by the attached, Monte has now turned his attention to UAF and the impact this could have on our community.

Thinking Strategically, MBSE using UAF- A Tale of 2 SAR Models
SAR Mission UAF Centric Analysis Model


The subject meeting will support an on-site meeting.  The Teams support will not be going away, see below.  All of those who wish to attend in person in must sign the attendance sheet that will certify that you are an American citizen and not a foreign personnel.  Also you must be fully vaccinated.  

The directions to the MITRE site are very easy; when approaching the main gate on Rideout Rd take the first right at the first light and then the first left, you will see the visitor center on your left turn right into the MITRE parking lot.  If you can find the visitor center, which I expect 99.99% of you all have spent many lovely hours at, you can find the new MITRE center, see map below.



 Date Speaker  Organization  Topic  Files 
Bill Lozier and Rod Wheeler MITRE Year-End Summary  
9/9/21 Chris Rygaard Blend Dynamics Accelerating Distributed Simulation Projects   
8/13/21 Mike Cochrane Quantum Research International Data Repositories for Parametric Workflow Models Data Repositories for Parametric Workflow Models_INCOSE
Lisa Murphy Siemens Methodology-Driven MBSE
6/10/21 Dirk Zwemer Intercax Integrated MBSE and Graph Analysis for System and Program Assessment
Bill Lozier MITRE MBSE WG Challenge  
4/8/21 Bill Lozier MITRE Metachain Analysis of a SysML Model
3/11/21 Barry Papke CATIA/NoMagic Modeling Capability Requirements using the Unified Architecture Framework  
Rodney Wheeler MITRE Alternative of Analysis
1/15/21 Bill Lozier MITRE Working Group Challenge Modeling Project  
11/12/20 David Butler Northrop Grumman Mission Systems Converting from Document Based to Model Based Systems Engineering A Real-Life Example  

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