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Model-based Systems Engineering (MBSE) provides a means to develop complex systems in a digital environment and enable the systems engineering process across its entire lifecycle. The MBSE Working Group has been established to address the challenges associated with implementing and sustaining a MBSE framework.

The MBSE WG meets on the 2nd Thursday of each month from 5:30 to 6:30. During COVID-19, meetings will be virtual and will resume at 1500 Perimeter Circle, Suite 310, Huntsville, AL when safe

NEXT MEETING: 10/8/20 via Teams, 5:30-6:30 p.m. Access instruction below

The session will be a working session, see diagram below. Discussion will be about the relationships of the elements in the model to each other. For those who do not have Teams for the e-mail addresses you have provided you will not be able to join up via teams. However use the call-in number below

MBSE 10 8 20

LAST MEETING: 9/10/20 - Featured speaker Dave Hall was unable to attend.  General discussion of the working group challenge was discussed.

General consensus was made over monolithic vs a collection of models, approach to modeling.  Monolithic models are good for classroom exercises and small one of modeling efforts.  But when trying to apply modeling efforts to the entire DoD 5000 acquisition lifecycle a more modular approach should be used.  As minimum a DoD 5000 acquisition model needs to be partitioned into at least three major models Operational, Logical and Physical.

Monte pointed out a short fall in current configuration management tools such as Teamwork Cloud and Teamwork Server, that maintains different versions of models and branching.  But doesn’t support different Service Pack releases.  Recommendation was made that perhaps what is needed is a make file capability that is used in C/C++, a text file that can be viewed in a simple text editor to link model versions into a model view.

Other items of interest pointed out:

  • SAIC has released a new version of their Validation Suite
  • Service Pack 4 is available for Cameo.  Has anyone have and experience with this new release?


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