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Revised Bylaws 2019

Our organizing documents have become a bit dated due to changes both within our Chapter and in our relationship to INCOSE.
As a result, our Chapter board is submitting a change for a membership vote.

The new proposed Bylaws are linked below, along with the existing Constitution and Bylaws for the Chapter.

Significant Changes from current structure:

We encourage you to read the new Bylaws in detail, but here is a summary of the major differences between our proposed organizational structure and the existing documents:

No Chapter Constitution

The existing Constitution only says we will maintain an “affiliation” with INCOSE (the “COUNCIL”).
The new Bylaws make it clear that we will operate solely as an “authorized local chapter” under the constitution of INCOSE, so all tax issues flow to them. (Our current Constitution allowed our Chapter to operate as an independent tax entity, but we have not operated that way for some time.)


The existing rules discuss local control of membership. Under the new bylaws, all Chapter membership issues are placed with the COUNCIL.

Board and Committees 

Committees will be established and approved by the Board. They will no longer spelled out in the Bylaws or appointed by the President.

Board composition will no longer be be restricted to multiples of three with equal representation from academia, industry, and government. We are also removing the three year term for Board members. (We have not followed either of these rules for a long time…)

Presiding Officers have 2 Year Terms  and Fiscal Year (FY) matches Calendar Year (CY)

The new Bylaws establish two-year terms for President, President-Elect, and Immediate Past President. The 1-year model makes it tough to get acclimated and get projects moving. (Note:This will take effect with the incoming President Elect, Paul Sullivan, serving as our first 2-year leader.)

The new bylaws align our fiscal year with INCOSE. (We have not followed the May-April fiscal year since we placed our Chapter under the COUNCIL for tax purposes.)


The current Constitution and Bylaws actually differ on what a quorum is. We are assuming the highest standard for this voting session. But we are proposing the establishment of a 20% quorum definition for future changes to the Chapter Bylaws.