In May's Mail to Members

May 23, 2005, 00:00 AM by INCOSE UMS
Volume 8, issue 2 of the Systems Engineering Journal should reach members in late May. This issue includes:
  • "Relating Multiobjective Decision Trees to the Multiobjective Risk Impact Analysis Method" by Ruth Y. Dicdican and Yacov Y. Haimes
  • "How Many Systems Are There? - Using the N2 Method for Systems Partitioning" by Tamir Bustnay and Joseph Z. Ben-Asher
  • "A Reference-Dependent Regret Model for Deterministic Tradeoff Studies" by Edouard Kujawski
  • "Enterprises as Systems: Essential Challenges and Approaches to Transformation " by William B. Rouse
  • "A Model for the Evolution of Software and Systems Engineering Project Cultures Throughout Their Life Cycles " by Atiogbe Didier Koffi
  • "Confronting an Identity Crisis - How to "Brand" Systems Engineering" by Michael Emes, Alan Smith, and Douglas Cowper
  • "Developing the Capacity for Engineering Systems Thinking (CEST) of Freshman Engineering Students " by Moti Frank and David Elata
INCOSE members also enjoy online access to the journal the Wiley Interscience website. Instructions for registering can be found in the INCOSE Members Area.
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