Board of Directors

President: David Boyd

John "David" Boyd has been with the Chapter since 2004. As a member, David volunteered for various miniconferences, CSER 2006, CSER 2008 and served as Chapter Secretary and Chapter Vice-President. In 2007, he and a dedicated team of volunteers worked together to offer webcasting of monthly the chapter's speaker meetings. One of his goals for the chapter is to continue to help members, potential members and local companies realize and use the value of INCOSE as a resource for systems engineering knowledge and as an opportunity to network with the talented engineers that comprise INCOSE.

David is a Sr. Software Systems Engineer at SAIC and he is working within Boeing's Software IPT on its C-130 Avionics Modernization Program (AMP). He is currently one of thirteen engineers on the qualification test team that is responsible for formal qualification test of the operational flight plan (OFP). In his prior years, he has worked as a systems engineer on projects such as GE's Advanced Automated Train Control System for BART, traffic control systems in Southern California and nuclear plant monitoring systems. David received his bachelors in aerospace engineering from The University of Texas at Austin in 1990. He began his career at Norfolk Naval Shipyard working as a nuclear test engineer on Nimitz-class aircraft carriers such as the USS Roosevelt and the USS Eisenhower.

Vice President: Eric Belle

Eric Belle currently serves as a Section Manager for the Systems Development Center at Raytheon’s Space and Airborne Systems in support of the Advanced Concepts and Technology area. His experience includes a broad background of systems related activities over the entire life cycle of a number of different systems within the automotive and aerospace & defense industries. These assignments range from managing automotive electronic circuit board production for a German based supplier in Barcelona, Spain, coordinating test activities for a Japanese space based electro optical sensor, to providing field support for a surveillance radar in Saudi Arabia during Operation Desert Storm. A member of INCOSE since 2002, Eric has recently served as the Newsletter Editor of the INCOSE-LA chapter for the past 2 ½ years. Eric has a BSEE from UCLA, an MBA from the University of Texas at Austin, a Diploma Kaufman (German Business Degree) from WHU Koblenz and a Graduate Certificate in Systems Engineering from USC.

Past President: Jim Manson

At The Boeing Company, prior to working as a Manager for the So. Cal Region Systems Engineering - Systems Integration Verification and Validation, I worked as a Systems Engineering Manager for the C-17 Program. I started my career working for the Naval Gage and Standards Facility, in Pomona California, as a Gage Designer while I was working on my Mechanical Engineering Degree. Prior to Boeing, I worked for General Dynamics (Standard Missile Program), Baker-Hughes International (Oil Service Tools), and Fennix and Scisson (Nuclear Test Site).

I've been with Boeing for over 19 years and for the past 30 years I've had the opportunity to work as a Systems, Project Management, Structural, Manufacturing, Tool, Facilities, and Design Engineer. At Boeing, I worked on the MD-80/90/11 and 717 Programs in Long Beach California, and 747/67 Programs in Seattle Washington.

I received my BSME, from Cal Poly Pomona, Project Management Professional Certificate from PMI, and Systems Engineering Certificates from Cal Tech and UCI. I'm currently working on my Systems Engineering Masters from the Missouri University of Science and Technology and serving as the Chapter President for INCOSE-LA. But most of all, my main passion is my family. I met Doris my wife while I was going to school at Cal Poly, and have been married to Doris for almost 29 years and have two daughters, Rachel and Marissa.

Secretary: Beth O'Donnell

Beth O’Donnell, Systems Engineer, has been a member of INCOSE since 2004. She has been active on the committees for the 2007 INCOSE-LA Mini-Conference and CSER 2008, and is also involved in the INCOSE Space Systems Working Group. Beth currently works for The Boeing Company, Phantom Works Strategic Development & Analysis as a Systems Engineer in Affordability. She has supported a variety of military and NASA proposals and programs, as well as internal development projects. Beth received her Masters degree in Systems Architecting and Engineering from USC in 2002, her Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo in 1985, and certificates from UCI in Leadership and Program Management.

Treasurer: Martha Weisskopf

Marsha Weiskopf has over 20 years experience in Space Satellite and Communications Systems Engineering. Her initial work experience was as a contractor on Communications Payloads at Hughes Aircraft Co on Commercial and NRO satellite systems, and then at Martin Marietta Corp as a Systems Integrator on NRO programs. Next, she joined The Aerospace Corporation and worked on Milsatcom Programs in the Systems Engineering Dept working Spectrum Management, and was then was promoted to the AFSATCOM Project Lead. More recently, she has been the Systems Director of the International Space Technology Dept in Project West Wing - an Intelligence organization.

Membership: Paul Cudney

Paul Cudney is with Lockheed Martin Integrated Systems and Solutions. Paul has over four decades of systems engineering and integration experience with real-time systems programming, information assurance, requirements analysis, system integration, and integrated product team leadership. He has been Chairman of the Los Angeles Chapter of the Association for Computing Machinery, twice track chair at our INCOSE-LA Mini-Conferences, Secretary and Membership Director for our Chapter, and also supports local SPIN and AIAA chapters.

Programs: Jack Elson

Dr. Jack Elson is an Associate Professor and Lead Faculty for Systems Engineering at National University, Los Angeles. He has a broad career in both industry and academia. His 25 years of industrial experience includes positions in engineering and management at several divisions of Fortune 500 companies that include the manufacturing of household hardware, fasteners, and aerospace systems. Besides teaching at National University, Dr. Elson has taught at The Ohio State University, University of South Carolina, Rockford College, Cardean University, Edison State College, and Sinclair Community College. Courses he has developed and taught include the subjects of manufacturing, modeling, engineering economics, management, operations, quality, design of experiments, decision making, and ethics. His research includes the use of system dynamics modeling and virtual world simulations to study and improve decision making.

SE Training: Shirley Tseng

Shirley Tseng is with MorganFranklin Advance Network Solutions. Shirley has experience in space operations, ground systems, spacecraft systems, satellite networks with general system engineering, software engineering, and system architecture. Shirley is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania with degrees in System Engineering and Wharton Economics. Shirley began her engineering career with satellite space operations and ground system development with GE (now Lockheed Martin Mission Systems). She joined Hughes Aircraft Corporation, Space Communication to work on MILSTAR spacecraft System Engineering, Hughes New Venture Organization to work on satellites technology and business service development on emerging satellite services, such as XMRadio and Spaceway systems. With MorganFranklin, Shirley supports customers such as NASA, the Navy, and Missile Defense Agency (MDA) with advance technology support, space mission and data services development, DODAF and JCIDS development, architecture and system development, network architecture, and tool environment development.

Shirley actively keeps up with many disciplines with membership and participation in numerous organizations. Shirley joined the INCOSE-LA chapter when it was first formed and is an active member attending most meetings and tutorials. Shirley has supported the prior two CSERs with publicity support. Shirley is also a member of AIAA (as a member of the AIAA Technical Committee on Space Operations and Support (SOSTC) as Conference Chair, Former Tools and Technology Chair), IEEE (Communication, Computer, Systems societies), ACM, SPIN, a|EA (Association of Enterprise Architects), IASA (International Association of Software Architects), user groups (Java, Cisco, ITIL, BEA, Linux). Shirley is on the conference committee for the IEEE Aerospace Conference and Communication and Navigation Track Chair for the conference.

Ways and Means: Dana Pugh

Dana Pugh is currently supporting GPS III risk reduction test projects as a mechanical engineer at Boeing Company. She previously supported the C-17 Program in Long Beach as a Systems Engineer and worked as a Design Mechanical Engineer for WGS RX & TX Block II. Dana has a Bachelor of Science degree in Aerospace Engineering, with a minor in Dance, from the University of California, San Diego, has obtained a Caltech Systems Engineering Certificate, and is currently pursuing a Master of Science degree in Astronautical Engineering at the University of Southern California. She’s a Dale Carnegie graduate and a three-time Dale Carnegie graduate assistant.

Dana has held many organizational positions: 2005 INCOSELA Mini-Conference Treasurer, 2006 BEAGLES-LB Secretary - Ally, 2006 Conference on Systems Engineering Research (CSER) Audio Visual Coordinator, 2006-2007 Yuri's Night Committee, 2006-2007 Engineering Week Committee, 2006- 2007 INCOSE Chapter Awards Chair, 2007 BEAGLES-ELS Vice President. She also supports and participates in AIAA, INCOSE-LA, AES, BAAPA, BWIL, BHEN, BBEA, and SWE.

Communications: Lee-Ann Seeling

Lee-Ann Seeling recently joined Innovative Media Solutions (IMS) as a Senior Program Manager after being director of Intelligent Transportation Systems for Trichord, Inc. Her professional experience as a systems engineer began with Rockwell International’s Strategic Systems, in the Nuclear and Directed Energy Effects group working on what most folks just called “Star Wars” during the Reagan years. A transfer into the Advanced Systems Engineering group lead to assignments in system engineering analysis and program management.

In the mid-90’s, she took advantage of the opportunity to move to a brand new industry, that of Intelligent Transportation Systems or ITS, where the challenge with applying system engineering techniques and sound program management practices was something new to the Transportation industry. The diversity of assignments encompassed systems engineering a 148 mile expansion to metropolitan Detroit’s existing freeway operations center with a hybrid communication network, helping develop the National ITS Architecture Team for Federal Highway (FHWA), and creating early deployment plans in Florida and Michigan. As a Program Manager for Iteris (formerly Odetics) in charge of day to day operations of the National ITS Architecture Team, Lee-Ann lead an extensive outreach program to transportation professionals across the nation in developing both regional and project architectures while updating the national architecture to reflect more integration opportunities.

She expanded her breadth of systems experience at the birth of another industry - the mobile Internet - as a Senior Project/ Product Development Engineer for Connexion by Boeing before rejoining the ITS world as Director of the west coast office of Trichord. Lee-Ann has a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering and a Master’s in Business Administration from UCLA. Her involvement with INCOSE includes serving as the Exhibits Co-Chair for the 2007 International Symposium and she also plays a key role for the INCOSE-LA newsletter.

Appointed Officers

INCOSE-LA offers an unlimited range of opportunities for those who want to be a part of the team, to be a part of the society, and to be a part of something bigger than themselves. We would like to recognize our appointed members of the INCOSE-LA Board of Directors.

  • Chapter Recognition Manager: Michael Marr, The Boeing Company
  • CSER 2008 Conference Management Chair: Malina Hills, The Aerospace Corporation
  • CSER 2008 Conference Continuity Chair: Scott Jackson
  • Industrial Relations Manager: Jose Garcia, Jr., The Boeing Company
  • Lead Site Coordinator: Anna Warner, The Boeing Company
  • Miniconference 2009 Manager: Shah Selbe, The Boeing Company
  • Miniconference 2009 Technical Manager: Dick Emerson, Jet Propulsion Laboratories (retired)
  • Newsletter Editor: Jorg Largent, Northrop Grumman (retired) and Eric Ung, Raytheon
  • Newsletter Production: Lee-Ann Seeling, Innovative Media Solutions
  • Representative to SFV Engineers Council: Stephen Guine, Northrop Grumman
  • Reflector Editor: Susan Ruth, The Aerospace Corporation
  • Technical Society Liaison: Ed Conrow, Risk Services
  • Webcast Event Manager: Chris Delp, Jet Propulsion Laboratories
  • Website Content Manager: Vacant
  • Website Technical Manager: Ben Luong, The Boeing Company
  • Venue Chairs: Denise Nelson, The Boeing Company