Eric Belle, your current Chapter Vice-president, is a section manager for the Systems Development Center at Raytheon’s Space and Airborne Systems in support of the Advanced Concepts and Technology area. His experience includes a broad background of systems-related activities over the entire life cycle of a number of different systems in the automotive, aerospace, and defense industries. These assignments include managing electronic circuit board production for a German automotive supplier in Barcelona, Spain, coordinating test activities for a Japanese space-based electro-optical sensor, and providing on-site field support for a surveillance radar system in Saudi Arabia during Operation Desert Storm. Eric’s goals as President, leveraged off of his broad background, are to continue expanding the INCOSE-LA outreach to other industries and to ensure that our core customers in aerospace and defense in the southern California region continue to view INCOSE as a valuable resource. Eric has been a member of INCOSE since 2003. In addition, prior to his service as our current Vice-president, Eric served as Editor of the Chapter’s Newsletter for three years. He is the current Chairman of INCOSE’s Defense Systems Working Group, which is still in its formative stage. Eric has a B.S.E.E. from UCLA, an M.B.A. from the University of Texas at Austin, and a Diplom Kaufmann (a German business degree) from WHU Koblenz. Eric is currently enrolled as a graduate student in Systems Engineering at USC.


Rosalind (Roz) Lewis is the Principal Director of the Acquisition and Planning Subdivision at The Aerospace Corporation. In this position, Roz manages four departments that support a variety of program offices, corporate initiatives, and external civil and commercial customers. This support includes system reliability analysis; programmatic analysis and modeling to include cost, schedule, and risk analysis; and systems engineering and acquisition strategy development support. Roz joined The Aerospace Corporation in 1987 as a member of the technical staff in the Computer Science Laboratory, where she developed software tools for experimental mission planning, upgraded a network resource scheduling system, and studied fault-tolerant methodologies. As a Senior Project Engineer in a program office, she led a multidisciplinary effort to develop and deploy a digital imagery dissemination system. She was promoted to Senior Project Leader in the Air Force Satellite Control Network (AFSCN), where she studied the impact of GPS-aided satellite navigation on the AFSCN and supported systems engineering and integration activities for cross-segment initiatives. In 1999 she joined the RAND Corporation as a Senior Engineer, where she conducted and participated in studies regarding the acquisition, development, and use of space systems, including GPS and Galileo. Other studies and analyses concerned the development and applications of information and communication technologies in government and consumer environments. Roz has been a participant in Chapter activities, most recently having served as the Moderator of the 2007 INCOSE-LA Mini-Conference. Roz holds a B.S. from USC in Computer Science, an M.S. from Polytechnic University in Computer Science, and an M.S. in Systems Architecture and Engineering from USC.


Beth O’Donnell is a systems engineer in Affordability for Boeing’s Phantom Works Strategic Projects and Analysis organization. Her experience includes affordability, cost-effectiveness, operations analysis, and trade study support for a variety of military and NASA proposals and programs, as well as for internal development projects. Beth has systems engineering experience in satellite, launch vehicle, and new space system programs as well as programs related to UAVs and missile defense. Beth has been a member of INCOSE since 2004, and served as Secretary for the INCOSE-LA Chapter in 2008. She participated in the committees for the 2007 INCOSE-LA Mini-Conference and CSER 2008. In addition, Beth is involved in the INCOSE Space Systems Working Group, Cost Engineering Working Group, and the 2009 INCOSE-LA Mini-Conference committee. Her goal for INCOSE for 2009 is to work with the INCOSE-LA Chapter to offer more products and services that are of value and interest to the systems engineering community. Beth has a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo and a master’s degree in Systems Architecting and Engineering from USC.


Marsha Weiskopf is a systems engineer at The Aerospace Corporation and has over 20 years of experience in both military and commercial communications systems. She joined The Aerospace Corporation in 1993, and is currently an office director in the Research and Program Development Office. She manages the company’s IR&D program. Marsha has worked on several military and commercial spacecraft programs specializing in communications and systems engineering. Marsha, an INCOSE member for over ten years, received the Susan Ruth Award in 2007 for her commitment and volunteerism to the Chapter. She is the current Treasurer of the INCOSE-LA Chapter, a position that she has held for the past four years. Marsha received her B.S. from UCLA and her M.S. from USC, both in Electrical Engineering.


Paul Cudney currently is a Senior Systems Engineer in the Requirements Verification and Test Organization with Lockheed Martin Integrated Systems and Global Solutions. He has over 42 years of experience performing software test and verification, and systems integration for real-time, ground-based control systems involving aircraft and satellites. Paul has served as Chairman of the Los Angeles Chapter of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), and also as Chairman of the ACM Committee on Chapters. In addition, Paul is a member of the Steering Committee for the Southern California Software Process Improvement Network. Paul has been an INCOSE member since 2000, was twice a Track Chairman at INCOSE-LA Mini-Conferences, once Secretary of the Chapter, and has served as Membership Director for the past several years. Paul vigorously supports activities to increase the knowledge and stature of our members, and seeks to increase member participation as a low-risk method of gaining direct job-related experience.


John Silvas has been working at Booz Allen Hamilton for the last ten years, providing professional consulting services in the systems engineering functional areas of requirements analysis, architecture development, integration, technical management and control planning, and process improvements. Since moving from Virginia five years ago, John has emerged as a Space and Missile Systems Center (SMC) leader in developing Systems Engineering Plans (SEP) for various programs. He has successfully led or advised on such plans as the enterprise GPS SEP, Transformational Satellite Communication System Program SEP, Advanced EHF Satellite System (AEHF) Program SEP, MILSATCOM Wing SEP, Satellite Control Network Contract SEP, and Land Based Strategic Deterrent Program SEP. John’s current role is Integration Lead for the Systems Engineering and Integration (SE&I) Contractor Team in support of the GPS Wing. In this role he is responsible for the orchestration of the SE&I team’s efforts to integrate new segment functionality into the currently operational GPS system as well as for the planning and assurance that the GPS Wing delivers new integrated system capabilities to the user in the future. John, a member of INCOSE since 2005, is an INCOSE Certified Systems Engineering Professional (January 2006) with over 15 years of systems engineering experience. John presented an overview of the GPS SE&I contractor roles and functions for the INCOSE-LA September 2008 speaker meeting, which was well attended. Going forward as the Programs Director, John would utilize his extensive network in the aerospace industry to bring highly informative and cutting-edge systems engineering briefing topics to our Chapter. He feels strongly that the monthly speaker meeting is a key enabler for expanding the Chapter’s membership as well as a highly effective vehicle for positively influencing engineers across multiple domains in southern California. Prior to joining Booz Allen, John was in the U.S. Air Force during the first Gulf War, performing Signals Intelligence in support of various national objectives. His three-year active duty tour, plus five years of active reserve duty at the National Security Administration, provided him with a solid foundation in the Satellite Communications operations and intelligence analysis. John earned a B.S. in Industrial Design at Virginia Tech in May 1998. He is pursuing a master’s degree in Systems Engineering. He has been married for over seven years to his wife Toni and is also a proud father of two boys, ages 17 and 2.


Edie Ung is currently the Section Manager for t he Systems Development Center Process and Training Section at Raytheon Space and Airborne Systems. She specializes in Enterprise Process Improvement. She has a diverse background including software engineering, systems engineering, configuration and data management for the government defense industry, and working with commercial industries in the development of banking systems and personal communication devices. Edie has earned a B.S. in Computer Science from Cal State LA and was a pre-med student at UC Irvine. Upon joining INCOSE at the beginning of 2008, Edie took the opportunity to volunteer as the INCOSE-LA Newsletter Co-Editor to better familiarize herself with the organization. Edie would like to further contribute to the Chapter by serving as the Communications Director, a position that was vacant for most of this year, to provide oversight to the Communications Sub-Committees. Although she is still relatively new to INCOSELA, she hopes to leverage off the experience of long-time members to evaluate the current practices for communications and make improvements where needed to enhance relations with the member community. In addition, she wants to set an example to new members that it is never too soon to start getting involved!


Although the following two Directors are not on this year’s ballot, they deserve recognition for their contributions to the Chapter. These dedicated members are returning in 2009 to complete their two-year terms.


Shirley Tseng was elected to this office in 2008 and will complete her term in 2009. Continuing on where Anna Warner handed off, Shirley has had a remarkable year in bringing great tutorials to the Chapter. She and our outgoing Programs Director, Jack Elson, have done a superb job. Shirley has experience in space operations, ground systems, spacecraft systems, satellite networks with general systems engineering, software engineering, and system architecture. Shirley began her engineering career with satellite space operations and ground system development at GE (now Lockheed Martin Mission Systems). She joined Hughes Aircraft Corporation, Space Communication to work on MILSTAR Spacecraft systems engineering and Hughes New Venture Organization to work on satellite technology and business service development on emerging satellite services, such as XMRadio and Spaceway systems. With MorganFranklin, Shirley supports customers such as NASA, the Navy, and Missile Defense Agency (MDA) with advance technology support, space mission and data services development, DODAF and JCIDS development, architecture and system development, network architecture, and tool environment development. Shirley actively keeps up with many disciplines with membership and participation in numerous organizations. Shirley joined the INCOSE-LA Chapter when it was first formed and is an active member attending most meetings and tutorials. Shirley has supported the prior two CSERs with publicity support. Shirley is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania with degrees in Systems Engineering and Wharton Economics. Shirley is also a member of AIAA, IEEE, Association of Computing Machinery, SPIN, Association of Enterprise Architects, IASA (International Association of Software Architects), and user groups Java, Cisco, ITIL, BEA, Linux. She is the Conference Chair for the AIAA Technical Committee on Space Operations and Support (SOSTC) and was formerly the AIAA Tools and Technology Chair. Shirley is on the Conference Committee for the IEEE Aerospace Conference and is the Communication and Navigation Track Chair for the conference.


Dana Pugh, elected as the 2008 Ways and Means Director, will complete this term in 2009. Dana has helped our Chapter stay the course as a not-for-profit organization as Ways and Means Director, picking up where Sherry Pietras left off in 2007. Dana is a fresh face with only four years of experience in the aerospace industry. An original San Diegan who currently resides in Long Beach, Dana brings new and innovative ideas to any team. Past industry experience includes systems engineer in Long Beach C-17 Program, design engineer for WGS Receive Array Block II, and mechanical engineer for GPS III Non-Flight Testing. She is currently supporting MUOS as a liaison engineer. Dana, a member of INCOSE since 2005, was the 2005 Mini-Conference Treasurer, 2006 CSER AV Coordinator, and 2006-07 Chapter Awards Chair. Dana was awarded the Chapter’s President’s Award for her excellent work as Chapter Awards Chair. In addition to Dana’s volunteering to INCOSE, she is the current Vice-president for BEAGLES-ELS. Dana’s prior involvement also includes: 2007-2008 Yuri’s Night Event Coordinator, and 2006 BEAGLES-LB Secretary. Dana earned her B.S. in Aerospace Engineering from UCSD. She holds a Systems Engineering Certificate from Caltech and is a Dale Carnegie graduate. Dana is pursuing a M.S. in Astronautical Engineering at USC. Dana supports and participates externally in: AIAA, INCOSE, SWE, and Yuri's Night Committee. Internal to Boeing she supports: Engineering Week Committees, the Amelia Earhart Society, BAAPA, BWIL, BHEN, BBEA, and REACH. Passions/hobbies include cats, dancing, community service, TV shows and movies, Josh Groban, travel, diversity and equality for all, and human space exploration.


INCOSE-LA offers an unlimited range of opportunities for those who want to be a part of the team, to be a part of the society, and to be a part of something bigger than themselves. We would like to recognize our appointed members of the INCOSE-LA Board of Directors.


  • Chapter Recognition Manager: Michael Marr, The Boeing Company
  • CSER 2008 Conference Management Chair: Malina Hills, The Aerospace Corporation
  • CSER 2008 Conference Continuity Chair: Scott Jackson
  • Industrial Relations Manager: Jose Garcia, Jr., The Boeing Company
  • Lead Site Coordinator: Anna Warner, The Boeing Company
  • Miniconference 2009 Manager: Shah Selbe, The Boeing Company
  • Miniconference 2009 Technical Manager: Dick Emerson, Jet Propulsion Laboratories (retired)
  • Newletter Editor: Jorg Largent, Northrop Grumman (retired) and Eric Ung, Raytheon
  • Newletter Production: Lee-Ann Seeling, Innovative Media Solutions
  • Representative to SFV Engineers Council: Stephen Guine, Northrop Grumman
  • Reflector Editor: Susan Ruth, The Aerospace Corporation
  • Technical Society Liaison: Ed Conrow, Risk Services
  • Webcast Event Manager: Chris Delp, Jet Propulsion Laboratories
  • Website Content Manager: Vacant
  • Website Technical Manager: Ben Luong, The Boeing Company
  • Venue Chairs: Denise Nelson, The Boeing Company