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This is a special year for CSER. It is its 15th anniversary! Our CSER team has worked diligently to make your experience at the conference memorable and enjoyable. You will have an opportunity to mix and mingle, renew old acquaintances, and make new ones. You will meet researchers from all walks of life – academia, industry, and government. Over 80 presentations from ten different countries will be made at the conference.

Systems engineering is undergoing a fundamental transformation to meet the challenges posed by complex systems of the 21st century. In large part, this transformation is being fueled by technology enabled disciplinary convergence. Accordingly, we chose the theme of CSER 2017 to be “Disciplinary 
Convergence: Implications for Systems Engineering Research.”

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CSER 2017 Program

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Over eighty papers have been submitted and will be distributed into the following technical sessions:

· Formal Methods in Systems Engineering
· Resilience and Affordability
· Model-Based Systems Engineering
· Systems and System-of-Systems Integration
· System Architecture and Complexity
· Trade-Space Visualization and Analysis
· Cyber Secure Resilient Systems
· Systems Thinking and Complexity Management
· Infusion of System Science in SE
· Uncertainly Quantification
· Smart Manufacturing
· Advancing Systems Engineering Education
· Systems Engineering and Decision Science
· Systems Engineering and Healthcare


CSER 2017 is honored to feature a stellar cadre of keynote speakers:

  • Dr. John Slaughter of the University of Southern California, will be the banquet speaker
  • Dr. Yannis C. Yortsos, also from the University of Southern California
  • Dr. Greg Hyslop, the Chief Technology Officer of The Boeing Company and senior vice-president of Boeing Engineering, Test  Technology
  • Ms. Kristen J. Baldwin, the Principal Deputy to the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Systems Engineering
  • Dr. Paul D. Nielsen, Director and Chief Executive Officer of the Software Engineering Institute Professor John Doyle, of the California Institute of 


CSER 2017 will feature two panels, an Executive Leadership Panel and a Systems Engineering Leadership Panel.

The Executive Leadership Panel is honored to have Dr Elliot Axelband as the moderator. The panelists are:

· Dr. Allen Adler
· Dr. Wayne Goodman
· Lieutenant General (Ret.) Larry James
· Dr. Sandra Magnus
· Mr. Marcus Nance

The Systems Engineering Leadership Panel is honored to have Mr. Scott Lucero as moderator. The panelists are:

· Ms. Christi Gau Pagnanelli
· Mr. Paul Gill
· Dr. Jairus Hihn
· Ms. Rosalind Lewis

Conference Schedule

All events are held at Crowne Plaza Hotel except SEANET Doctoral Workshop

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