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Welcome to the Midwest Gateway Chapter

Welcome to the Midwest Gateway Chapter of INCOSE. We are based in the St Louis region, from Rolla to the Metro East. The Midwest Gateway Chapter of INCOSE was founded in St. Louis in 1992. Over the years we've hosted the INCOSE Symposium and the Conference on Systems Engineering Research (CSER), and been the home chapter of national and regional INCOSE leaders.

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Bronze Chapter Award 2004
Bronze Chapter Award 2004
Bronze Chapter Award 2004
Bronze Chapter Award 2004
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2023 Board of Directors

President: John Thompson, Boeing
President-Elect (Vice President): Mike Franco, Boeing
Secretary (2023/2024): Kirk Kittell, Boeing
Treasurer (2022/2023): Lou Pape, Boeing
Director (2022/2023): Dr. Mary Malast, Leonardo DRS
Director (2022/2023): Caleb Klapp, Leonardo DRS
Director (2023/2024): Bob Scheurer, Boeing
Director (2023/2024): Dr. Cihan Dagli, Missouri University of Science and Technology
Past President: Mike McCarthy, Paragon Technology Group

Contact the MGC Board of Directors at midwest-gateway@incose.net.

Upcoming Chapter Events

Speaker Event

When:  Thursday, Aug 24, 5:30-7:00 PM

Where:  Sports Cafe, 3579 Pennridge Dr, Bridgeton, MO  63044

Who:  Mike Franco, Chapter Vice President/President Elect

What:  Framework for Shifting Defense Priorities

RSVP:  Mike McCarthy - michael.mccarthy@incose.net

Summary: Mike Franco, our chapter Vice President/President-Elect, will be making a presentation that introduces a framework to show how shifting defense budget priorities can flow through a given system architecture to enable continued overall architectural cost-effectiveness of the defense system(s), as profiled in MIL-STD-881D, and for the programs which manage them. 
The chapter will cover the cost of dinner.


System of Systems Overview: If you thought Systems Engineering was fun, wait until you try System of Systems Engineering!

Ann Hodges

Abstract: You don’t need to have been around Systems Engineers for very long before you will hear someone claim that the programme they are on is challenging because they are building a System of Systems. They talk about the challenges that they are facing, the superhuman systems engineering they are doing, and the magical architectures they are building that will ‘deliver coherence’. Whilst there is some truth to the statement, System of Systems Engineering is neither as difficult nor as new as some people would suggest.

As someone who has spent most of his career working with Systems of Systems, I always feel that the conventional description of System of Systems misses the point. Engineering Systems of Systems is different than engineering systems. It requires a different mindset, a broader set of tools, a bit more humility, and a different focus than developing systems. It requires looking at things from a different perspective. This presentation will start with a description of why and how systems of systems are different. But more importantly it will describe how to engineer systems of systems. You will learn why system of systems are, at times, easier to engineer than conventional systems. We will use a range of real-world examples, from Defence, Rail, and Information Services.

Speaker: Professor Duncan Kemp is the Senior Fellow for Systems Engineering in Defence Equipment and Support (DE&S) within the UK Ministry of Defence. He is both the discipline lead for Systems Engineering and the team leader of the DE&S internal SE consultancy, which he has grown from scratch to a team of 60 systems engineers over the last six years. He also leads the DE&S Digital Engineering Implementation Team. Duncan has over thirty-years’ experience of developing safe and effective systems of systems, in: air defence, submarine combat systems, strategic command and control systems, operational and business information services, railways and land systems. Previous roles have included Chief Systems Engineer for rail in the UK Department for Transport, Chief Architect for MODs Command, Control, Computing and Communication systems and MOD acquisition reform team leader.

Duncan is a chartered professional engineer, Fellow of the Institution of Engineering and Technology and INCOSE Fellow. He was one of the authors of the SE Vision 2025, the lead author for the INCOSE UK Capability SE Guide and an author of the INCOSE UK Agile SE guide. He has presented over 20 peer reviewed papers (4 best papers) at INCOSE international symposia and INCOSE UK conferences. Duncan has held a range of formal positions within INCOSE and is currently the co-chair of the INCOSE System Safety Working Group.
Duncan is the Visiting Professor for Systems Thinking at the Wolfson School of Mechanical, Electrical, and Manufacturing Engineering at Loughborough University.

Chapter News

New Chapter Members - 2023

Austin Renwick, The Boeing Company, Feb 27
Rachel Harlan, Student - University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, Mar 13
Caleb Klapp, Leonardo DRS, Apr 19
Kyle Thayer, The Boeing Company, Apr 19
Jessica Stevons, Medtronic, Apr 24|
Philip Hoff, United States Air Force, May 9
Peter Cichacz, Leonardo DRS, Jun 1
Deborah Keller, Nothrop Grumman Corporation, Jun 2
Sarah Ehlen, The Boeing Company, Jun 12
Brett Chase, Student - Southwestern Oklahoma State University, Jun 27
David Ware, Olin, Jun 27
Andrew Nixon, The Boeing Company, July 4
Thomas Fehr, Student, Aug 7
Kaleb Rockwell, Student - Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, Aug 7
John Combs II, AWS, Aug 8
Matthew Freeman, Student - Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, Aug 10
Thomas McKinney, Student, Aug 13
Maggie Hummel, Aug 21
Waylon Lindseth, John Deere, Sep 11

The Midwest Gateway Chapter of INCOSE was founded in St. Louis in 1992. Over the years we've hosted the INCOSE Symposium and the Conference on Systems Engineering Research (CSER), and been the home chapter of national and regional INCOSE leaders. Many of our members are engaged in defense, biotech, connected devices, and academia. Most members are located in St. Louis and the surrounding area (from Missouri S&T in Rolla to Scott Air Force Base in the Metro East), but all are welcome to affiliate with us.

For more information about joining INCOSE, please visit the incose.org website: Join INCOSE. If you're not sure about joining yet, come out and visit us at one of our events.


If you have any questions for us, get in touch: midwest-gateway@incose.net. You can also get in touch with our Board of Directors.

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