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Notes from the 2019 International Workshop

Kirk Kittell

Feb 14, 2019

Six INCOSE Midwest Gateway Chapter members attended the 2019 INCOSE International Workshop, held on 26-29 January in Torrance, California. Here are some of their notes from the event. The next IW will be held again in Torrance in January 2020—you should attend.

Mike McCarthy (Insight Global)

Systems and Software Interface Working Group

Purpose: to understand, clarify and work to resolve issues with the systems-software interface that challenge our ability to engineer today's and tomorrow's systems. These interfaces include physical, logical, data and human aspects.

I think there is potential for meaningful future projects of interest to MGC members. Past products include a webinar on "What Systems Engineers need to know about software" and a paper presented at IS2018. Future projects include a second webinar, a paper for IS2019, several INSIGHT articles and updating the SEBOK article on software engineering. The group meets monthly by telecon.

Richard Pascual (Boeing)

  1. MBSE 101 w Elyse Fosse from JPL
    • She used MagicDraw, Tom Sawyer for display software, Open MBSE
    • Great example of MBSE that can be applied to my area
    • She utilized all MBSE diagrams, but did not use Parametrics diagram
    • Used term "institutional infrastructure". Characterizes and coincides with organization makeup of the company
  2. Systems Thinking Round Table
    • Promoted use of Enabling Systems (part of Systems Thinking)
    • Enabler groups in my area are Supplier Mgt, Range Facilities, Range Safety, eParts, Gold, iTrak, CMB, IS&DP CCB, team culture, aircraft, CCN, program decisions, etc.
  3. Requirements Working Group throughout the week was enlightening
    • Areas covered were informative and applicable to my team's requirements
    • "Chilled" vs "Frozen" requirements
  4. MBSE Patterns WG – Bill Schindel
    • Very interesting
    • Could easily apply in my area
    • "finding interactions will help find all requirements"

Randy Pitz (Boeing)

In a nutshell, I supported the Product Line Engineering Workshop. I would be open to giving an overview to the chapter members sometime this year. I also supported the MBSE workshop, which I found very interesting as there are many practical issues about integrating tools together to achieve an ecosystem to support MBSE.

Kirk Kittell (Boeing)

I attended meetings for several different working groups to collect a variety of working group information to bring back to the chapter and to look for potential partnerships for chapter events.

The best working group meeting I attended was for the PM-SE Integration WG (project management-systems engineering). In 2017 INCOSE, along with PMI and MIT, published a book: Integrating Program Management and Systems Engineering: Methods, Tools, and Organizational Systems for Improving Performance. Current initiatives INCOSE-MGC members could participate in are the comparison of PMBOK and SEBOK content and establishing consistencies between various product breakdown structures. Attending also prompted me to contact the PMI Metro St. Louis chapter about a joint meeting this year.

Two other working groups that I think have potential for our members are the System and Software Interface WG and the Requirements WG.

I also enjoyed the MBSE Initiative keynote address, "Enterprise Change and Transformation", by Willy Donaldson of Newport University. The frequent refrain in his talk was: people resist being changed: "Hand-to-hand combat changing minds/beliefs assumptions. It's not about technology." I think that's something we get wrong as systems engineers when we focus on the logical/technical aspect of how a project should be run and miss the battle for hearts and minds.

Bill Miller gave a talk about an ongoing INCOSE initiative, The Future of Systems Engineering (FuSE):

I like to collect references to read. Here are a few from various talks and working group meetings:

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