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JOIN US for the Great Lakes Regional Conference 2018

The Chapters of the INCOSE Great Lakes Region invite you to participate in the 12th Annual International Council on System Engineering (INCOSE) Great Lakes Regional Conference (GLRC2018) at Indianapolis Marriott East, Indianapolis, Indiana. 


GLRC2018 — Systems at the Crossroads 

INCOSE Vision 2025 describes a landscape of opportunities, challenges, and evolving approaches to engineering the world of the future— a world of “systems”. Many of these issues represent “crossroads”, requiring conscious choices and action leading in new directions. “GLRC2018— Systems at the Crossroads” has been organized around a series of these crossroad issues, and provides opportunities for attendees to compare and advance their understandings and approaches to these important crossroad issues.

GLRC2018 will feature important topics from critical sectors such as aerospace, agriculture, biomedical & healthcare, defense, education, energy, environmental sciences, government, information, infrastructure, safety and security, space and transportation.

GLRC 2018 is for the entire Great Lakes community— not just INCOSE members and not just systems engineers. Our community is connected by our shared interest in the successful advance of systems vital to our regional and global prosperity.

GLRC2018 this year will feature an INCOSE SE Professional Development Day (SE PDD). The SE PDD will be a virtual extension of the conference, with the featured sessions broadcast from Indianapolis to several satellite sites on Friday the 19th of October. Last year several groups participated in the STEM demonstration. GLRC 2018 has great interest in engaging the local area youth and looks forward to sponsors also supporting the STEM activities. GLRC2018 looks forward to hosting the STEM demonstration during the conference banquet reception.

Celebrate with the Science Museum the
Year of the Engineer

Dream Big: Engineering Our World starts Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Dream Big: Engineering Our World is a spectacular film that brings the power of engineering to life on the Omnitheater’s 90-foot domed screen. An anchor of the museum’s Year of the EngineerDream Big is an inspiring film that introduces viewers to four individuals who are making a living as engineers, confronting real-world problems with innovative solutions that have the potential to improve lives for people all over the world.

For more information on how you might participate as a volunteer please contact us at the North Star Chapter of INCOSE.

NSC August 9th Meeting
Presentation by: Lowell Christensen, Consultant, Lowell Christensen LLC

Motor Design, for remote controlled battery powered applications, including the autonomous vehicles used in land, sea and air applications.

At the Eden Prairie Library
565 Prairie Center Dr, Eden Prairie, MN 55344

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This presentation will discuss the job functions of a System Engineer and how it pertains to a System Project. The information will be based on my experience in working an engineer involved in many types of applications over the past 40 years. This presentation will be done in four sections to break it into smaller sections. The first section will be on an overview of the purpose of a System Engineer. The second section will discuss the management of a System Engineering project in how the job is done. The third section will use an example of picking a motor to use in a Commercial Delivery Drone.  The fourth section will discuss why a certain motor style was picked and show the procedure of doing the job of picking the motor. This presentation will also discuss the overall application of a delivery drone to familiarize the attendee to what, when, where, why, and how delivery drone operates and give a basic introduction to the Permanent Magnet motors that are used in Autonomous Battery Powered vehicles.

6:15 – Network and socialize over pizza   
6:45 – Welcome by Roz Dolid, Chapter President
7:00 – Presentation: Permanent Magnet Motor Design 
8:30 – Adjourn

 Lowell Christensen is currently working as a Permanent Magnet Motor Design Consultant.  Mr. Christensen has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Physics and Mathematics from Mankato State University in 1969. After serving in Viet Nam he received a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from the University of Minnesota. Lowell retired as VP Engineering from TruTech Specialty Motors in 2016. Mr. Christensen had worked as Director of Engineering at MCG Inc from August 1992 to 2008. Prior to MCG Mr. Christensen worked as the Motor Engineering Manager at Electro-Craft Corporation from 1978 to 1985 and as a R&D project Engineer from 1985 to 1992. Prior to Electro-Craft, Mr. Christensen worked at Control Data Corp from 1972 to 1978 as a Motor Design Engineer at Cedar Engineering Division and as a Project Engineer in the Aerospace division.

Working Groups

INCOSE working groups are a great place to meet individuals who are looking to overcome similar challenges.  These groups often span multiple regions and industries, so we can really look at these topics in a broad, informed way.   In the North Star Chapter, we have several members Chair/working in different groups like the Measurement, SE in Very Small Enterprises (VSE), Handbook as well as others. There are many topics to choose from.  Finding the groups and joining is easy!

To join any working group:

1. Login to your account at INCOSE.ORG

2. Click on Welcome, <your name>, from the pull-down menu, select from the  “Profile Home” link at the top of themenu.

3. Scroll down to “My committees/Working Groups and click on the link “Browse/Join a Working Group”

4. This will result in a list of Working Groups under the header Committees.  (The terms are interchangeable)

5. Scroll down until you see find a committee that you are interested in.  Click the link and then on the right click on the (view) link.

6. This will result in a roster of current WG members.  

7. Scroll down to the bottom of the list and under “Committee Tasks” click on "Join this Committee"

Working groups are a great way to learn more about a subject, grow your network, and share your knowledge about a subject. 

Get Started TODAY with this link to the Working Groups page!


The Fall Ambassador meeting will be announced August.  We are looking for a new home, we will be sure to let you know once we find it. This is a joint meeting with new members and a good opportunity for our new members to learn about ambassadors and a variety of things that we do.

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