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Program meetings typically 2nd Tuesday of month
Time: 6:00-7:00 CST
Food & networking at 5:30

Physical Locations

*Bell Helicopter
*L-3- Arlington
*L-3- Greenville
*Lockheed Martin Aero- Fort Worth
*Lockheed Martin Aero- Palmdale
*Lockheed Martin MFC- Grand Prairie
*Raytheon- McKinney

Check out presentations from previous North Texas INCOSE Chapter Meetings!

Presentations can be found here

Board meetings typically 1st Tuesday of month
Time: 5:30-6:00 CST

Remote Program Access
Contact incose.ntx @ out look . com to be added to our meeting emails.

Upcoming Chapter Events

Chapter Meeting May  12

The Digital Thread, Advanced Manufacturing, and Industry 4.0 by Dr. Don Kinard

Location: Virtual (see chapter newsletter for connection information)

Abstract: Over the past decade or so the digital thread has provided great opportunities to improve engineering and manufacturing products and has allowed unprecedented levels of automation in the aerospace industry. More recently the maturation of the digital thread has provided opportunities to integrate our large IT systems to initiate the start of Industry 4.0, the next industrial revolution, the revolution of data.

Bio: Dr. Don Kinard is a Senior Fellow for Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Production Operations and has been with LM for 35 years. Currently Don supports Digital Transformation at Aeronautics as well as programs such as F-35. Prior to his current assignment he was lead for the F-35 Fighter Production System (rate transition) development for F-35 and earlier the Director of F-35 Production Engineering responsible for Joint Strike Fighter Tooling, Planning, Manufacturing Engineering, and Aircraft Systems Testing. Before joining F-35 in 2004 Dr. Kinard held various positions in both Engineering and Manufacturing during his 18 years on the F-22.

Don is also the lead for the LM Corporate Fellow’s Manufacturing Team whose objective is to develop and share engineering, manufacturing, and sustainment technologies throughout all of the LM business units. His technical interests include materials and structures, digital thread integration, Industry 4.0, manufacturing technology, manufacturing system design, and production management. In 2018 Dr. Kinard was named as one of the Smart Industries 50 leaders in digital transformation honoring individuals across industry who are making a difference in their organizations’ pursuit and embrace of digital transformation.

Dr. Kinard earned a bachelor’s degree from Trinity University in San Antonio, TX and a PhD (Physical Chemistry- Polymers/Composites focused) from Texas A&M University.


Peterbilt Tour - Postponed

Join us for a factory tour of Peterbilt

Location: 3200 Airport Rd, Denton, TX 75207
Closed toe shoes and pants are required. No shorts or loose clothing. You may bring your own safety glasses if you have them. We will provide safety glasses for those that need them. Prefer you take off watches and jewelry. If you have a metal belt buckle don’t lean against any cabs or trucks.
This event will be for chapter members, their families, and friends. However, children under 16 may not get approval. We are willing to put them on the list and try, but they have denied them in the past. We must provide a list of names by April 24th.



Chapter Meeting June 9

Early System V&V Using SysML Simulation by Saulius (Saul) Pavalkis, Phd

Location: Virtual (see chapter newsletter for connection information)

Abstract: Webinar demonstrates recent trends in system model execution with SysML to perform early validation and latter architecture and design verification. We will demonstrate system simulation, automated requirements verification, test cases specification and automated execution. We will use Cameo Simulation Toolkit which is integrating pluggable evaluation engines and standards to enable out of the box system model execution and analysis.

NASA perspective on recent trends in executable models: “This is an important development since it requires minimal configuration, can be used earlier in the lifecycle and can evolve as the design matures.”

Full hands-on one day tutorial on system simulation will be provided at MBSE Cyber Experience Symposium at Allen Texas. Reserve your spot at

Bio: Saulius (Saul) Pavalkis, Phd - Chief MBSE Solutions Architect at 3DS CATIA | No Magic Cyber Systems Center of Excellence

17 years of experience working on modeling solutions. Working as a chief MBSE solutions architect, consultant, and trainer. Former analyst and PLM products integration manager in R&D department core MagicDraw team with 10 years of experience. Major expertise areas are MBSE, system simulation, SysML. Successfully helping major companies to adopt MBSE.

Major practical expertise areas are MBSE, system simulation, requirements, data interchange, SysML, UML, traceability, modeling solutions, change and configuration management. Helping major companies adopting MBSE: Ford, Boeing, NASA, NGC, Draper, Raytheon, UTAS, BAH, MITRE, L3Harris. Multiple research and practical articles in model-based architecture and analysis at INCOSE, NDIA, etc. Founder of "MBSE Execution" Youtube channel on model simulation and chief editor of a modeling community blog ( dedicated to sharing practical model-based engineering experience. Representative at INCOSE CAB. In 2018 received lifetime achievement in MBSE and Modeling award from No Magic, Inc. “Cameo Award for Modeling, Simulation & Analysis Excellence.”
BS Electronics and telecommunication (Kaunas University of Technology)
MS Telecommunication engineering (Kaunas University of Technology)
PhD Computer Science (Kaunas University of Technology)
OCSMP - OMG-Certified SysML Modeling Professional
OCUP - OMG-Certified UML Professional
ASEP - Associated SE profesional (CSEP is pending).


2020 MBSE Cyber Experience Symposium

21-24 June 2020 Postponed to 2021

Allen, Texas

Register Here

Chapter Meeting July 14


Location: Virtual (see chapter newsletter for connection information)

Abstract: TBD.

Bio: TBD.


Chapter Meeting August 11

TBD by Dr. Long Dong

Location: Virtual (see chapter newsletter for connection information)

Abstract: TBD.

Bio: TBD.


Chapter Meeting September 8

TBD by Ken Garlington

Location: Virtual (see chapter newsletter for connection information)

Abstract: TBD.

Bio: TBD.


Chapter Meeting October 13

TBD by Chris Schreiber

Location: Virtual (see chapter newsletter for connection information)

Abstract: TBD.

Bio: TBD.


Chapter Meeting November 10

TBD by Ursula Christian

Location: Virtual (see chapter newsletter for connection information)

Abstract: TBD.

Bio: TBD.


Holiday event will be held Friday, December 04, 2020

Location is TBD

Save the date.



All Events

Message from the INCOSE President Coronavirus

by Christine Kowalski | Mar 18, 2020

It has been three weeks since the last time I sent a message to our INCOSE family regarding COVID-19.  Since then it has become a pandemic with many countries, organisations and businesses introducing new restrictions and guidance to minimise the rapid spread of the virus. The fact is the COVID-19 will be with us for quite some time and all measures taken to date will “flatten the curve of infected numbers” but potentially extend the duration of COVID-19. We therefore need to take care of our families and friends and remain positive under these trying times.

Firstly, from the INCOSE leaders, our hearts and thoughts are with you all.  We would also like to send a big thank you to all our members and their families who are able to continue to offer services to their communities, whether they are “front-line responders”, the engineer on a critical project, the local transport provider or the retailer. Your contributions are outstanding.

To all members of INCOSE we encourage you to follow the guidance provided by your authorised authorities and the World Health Organisation (WHO).  As such the following restrictions now apply–

  • INCOSE is prohibiting all INCOSE related meetings and external INCOSE representation requiring air travel, whether domestic or international, without approval from the INCOSE Officers until 31 May 2020, at which time this restriction will be reviewed.
  • INCOSE highly discourages any INCOSE related face-to-face meeting and the decision to hold such a meeting is at the sole discretion of the INCOSE meeting organiser.
    • We encourage you to consider alternative means of communication available such as conference calling.
    • Social distancing and good hygiene practices are to be employed where practical.
  • Any external INCOSE representation in support of another organisation’s face-to-face meeting is at the individual member’s discretion.

In parallel to the above restrictions, we have been working hard behind the scenes to support all our INCOSE activities and members.

We have a task team evaluating different remote participation applications to be made available for all members for all INCOSE related meetings, worldwide.   It is likely we may have more than one recommended application with guidance on which application is best suited for a specific virtual participation, location and volume of users.

We are assisting various groups within INCOSE to restructure their programs, events and meetings to make greater use of remote participation and, where possible and practical, to reschedule events later in the year.  If you need assistance, please reach out to

We are keeping a close eye on the changing circumstances in Cape Town and globally with respect to the International Symposium IS 2020, July 2020. At present, the South African government has placed restrictions on travel and gatherings until further notice, which can prevent us holding IS 2020 in Cape Town. However, from further discussions these restrictions may or may not continue past May.  It is unknown at this point in time.  As such we are continuing to plan the event taking into consideration –

  • The possibility of virtual participation for some sessions,
  • A smaller scale conference with greater outreach post conference date,
  • Additional hygiene services at the event,
  • The possibility of delaying the event,
  • Exploring options to publish finalised papers in various online proceedings.

The wellbeing of our members is our highest priority. We will continue to closely follow the recommended health and safety precautions.  Likewise, we will keep you informed on a regular basis of any updates relating to COVID-19.

Keep well, keep safe.

Kerry Lunney
INCOSE President

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    by Bill Chown | May 06, 2020
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