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The North Texas Chapter of INCOSE (International Council of System Engineering) is centered in the Dallas-Fort Worth area of north Texas and is open to those interested or practicing systems engineering.  


Promote, educate, and mentor on Systems Engineering standards and practices to strengthen the North Texas Systems Engineering industry.


Serve as a professional organization that is the regional focal point for Systems Engineering resources, development, and awareness.



Call for Front Range Chapter Executive Committee Nominations

by Admin55 Chapter | Nov 22, 2017

Requesting Executive Committee Nominations.

Do you wan't to serve on the Colorado Front Range Executive Committee? Do you know someone who would be good for the job? Submit nominations by Monday, November 27, 2017. 

Nomination Submission:
Nominations simply require the position, person's name, and a brief one paragraph biography. Feel free to nominate yourself. A person can nominate another chapter member, but must have his or her consent before making the nomination.

Click here to submit a volunteer officer nomination for the 2018 Program Year, which runs January 1st 2018 to December 31st 2018.An email ballot will be distributed to the membership shortly after the 27th.Please read the text below prior to submitting a nomination.

The purpose of the ExecutiveCommitteeofficers:
The officers constitute the Executive Committee (EXCOM) that runs the Chapter. A strong and complete EXCOM is vital to the Chapter's ability to meet the needs of its members. The visible results of the EXCOM's actions are the tutorials, workshops and monthly programs we offer. Providing these services requires us to manage Chapter finances, build and retain membership, communicate with our members, and interact with INCOSE reply Central and related professional societies.

Serving on the EXCOM is the most direct way to influence Chapter operations and future directions. Don't be shy if you want to nominate yourself! You are encouraged to do so. If you want to nominate someone else, please get their concurrence before sending in the nomination.

Your participation is encouraged to foster the definition, understanding, and practice of world class systems engineering in industry, academia, and government.

The positions their responsibilities:

In addition to the duties listed for each officer, EXCOM members participate in periodic committee meetings that are held in person or by phone conference. When possible, we conduct routine business by email discussion and consensus without formal meetings. Chapter officers are encouraged to attend Chapter events to provide points of contact for the membership, and to help set up and run the event. EXCOM members also have opportunities to participate in largerINCOSECentral Conferences such as the International Workshop (IW) and International Symposium (IS).

Background Details (from chapter bylaws):
VI - Officers

1.The President shall have general supervision of the INCOSE Colorado Chapter affairs. The President shall preside at the INCOSE Colorado Chapter meetings and at meetings of the EXCOM. The President shall represent the INCOSE Colorado Chapter with the COUNCIL or designate someone to fulfill that responsibility.

2. The Vice-President shall assist the President and shall assume the duties of the President when the President is absent or disabled or has refused to act. When so acting, the Vice-President shall have all the powers of and be subject to all the restrictions upon the President. The Vice-President shall succeed to the position of the President if the President resigns, unless the officer asks the EXCOM to remain as Vice-President only. The Vice-President shall have such other powers and perform such other duties as may be prescribed by the EXCOM.

3. TheTreasurershall be responsible for managing the funds of the INCOSE Colorado Chapter. The Treasurer shall receive all funds paid to the INCOSE Colorado Chapter and shall approve payment of all bills incurred by the INCOSE Colorado Chapter, in accordance with guidance provided by the EXCOM. The Treasurer shall make an annual report on the financial affairs of the INCOSE Colorado Chapter to the EXCOM and to the COUNCIL. The Treasurer shall be responsible for maintaining a roster of current (i.e., dues-paid-up) members of the INCOSE Colorado Chapter. The Treasurer shall be the Chairperson of the Budget and Finance Committee.

4. The Secretary shall prepare minutes of all meetings of the EXCOM and, as required, minutes of all meetings of the INCOSE Colorado Chapter. The Secretary shall maintain all permanent records, including library materials, of the INCOSE Colorado Chapter.

5. The Communications Director shall be responsible for electronic communication notices (e.g., e-mail) to members. The Communications Director shall assist the EXCOM in providing communication between the EXCOM, the INCOSE Colorado Chapter membership, and the COUNCIL.

6. The Technical Program Director shall be responsible for technical programs of the chapter. The Technical Program Director shall be responsible for the content planning for monthly technical meetings, conferences, workshops, seminars, and courses. The Technical Program Director shall be responsible for planning the overall strategy for systems engineering education and professional development. The Technical Program Director shall be the Chairperson of the Program Committee.

7. The Membership Director shall be responsible for membership-related matters of the INCOSE Colorado Chapter. The Membership Director will endeavor to sustain and to increase the membership of the Chapter. The Membership Director shall be responsible for communications with prospective members and with lapsed members.

8. The Newsletter Editor shall be responsible for preparing, publishing, and distributing the Chapter newsletter.

9. The Webmaster shall be responsible for developing and maintaining the Chapter website.

10. The Area Directors shall be responsible for supporting the Technical Program Director in implementing the technical program. An Area Director shall be responsible for meeting logistics in his or her geographical area of responsibility, including meeting location and presentation equipment.

11. The number of Area Directors shall be decided by the EXCOM. As a goal, there shall be a Denver Area Director, a Colorado Springs Area Director, and a Boulder Area Director.

12. The Officers and EXCOM members of the INCOSE Colorado Front Range Chapter shall serve terms of office as defined in the Bylaws.