INCOSE Italia Webinar: Is Integration part of SE?

Meeting Title: Is Integration part of SE?
Presenter Name: Mike Stowe
Date: Tuesday, 20 June 2023
Time: 5:30 PM CET



IS INTEGRATION PART OF SE? Starring: Mike Stowe, theP5DC The obvious answer to this provocative question is that, for sure, integration, according to all its acceptations, is one relevant, costly and often challenging technical process of Systems Engineering. It is also clear that is not so “sturdy” and linear as traditionally perceived. The increased challenges and the empowering opportunities offered by methodology and technology evolution require a deeper look to its implementations and relationships with verification and validation. The long cooperation with the DSM Industry Special Interest Group (iSIG) is the occasion to discuss and develop, through different steps and events, this topic. We are so honoured to host Mike Stowe, current Chair of the DSM Special Interest Group, and co-architect of the annual international DSM Conferences. He is a retired aerospace structures and systems engineer, with over 4 decades of experience in product development and large scale production projects. He is also the CEO of a small engineering consulting company called 'theP5DC'.

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