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Seattle Metropolitan



Biographies of Seattle Metro Board of Directors:


Ray Willaford:


Ray Willaford is currently serving as Chapter President. He’s a Systems Engineer with Base2 Solution. His experience and interests are focused in the area of complex systems, requirements management, systems architecting and systems management. Ray has professional experience in domain areas including railways signaling engineering, information systems, aerospace and defense. Ray has over 24 years of experience with the Boeing Company and has work experience both commercial and defense programs. Prior to joining Boeing, he worked at the development of automated testing tools designed specifically to assist software testers and software testing managers with different aspects of testing weapon systems project.


Slava Khozikov


Slava serves as Chapter Secretary. Slava is a Design and Analysis Engineer with the Energy Management Group, Boeing Company. Slava experience includes electrical power system design: power electronics, power generation and distribution systems and subsystems for the mobile and terrestrial applications. He is active in the development of requirements, power conditioning applications and the application interfaces with other electrical systems/subsystems. He supports Control/Optimization algorithms development for motor controllers; motor controllers; High Voltage architectures for mobile applications; High Voltage reliability studies: corona discharges, arcing, arcs inceptions and extinction; dielectric strength and insulation characterization: CTI, ASTM, SAE standards; electrical corona EM and EMI spectrum, EMI/EMC of the electrical power distribution and generation equipment: switches, transistors, filters, relays. Electrical equipment, elements and system reliability: He also supports FMEA and FTA, means of mitigation; induction heating technology for aerospace and composites manufacturing activities.


Paul Kostek


Paul is currently serving as Chapter Treasurer. He is principal with Air Direct Solutions. He works with companies in the application of systems engineering to define and solve problems. This includes defining user needs, system/subsystem requirements, system architecture, risk management, interface definition and verification planning. Paul has professional experience in the entire range of product development in the aerospace, avionics, defense, e-commerce and medical device industries. He is a past President of the Seattle Metro Chapter and INCOSE member since 1997.


John Palmer


John serves as Director-at-Large. John is a Technical Fellow, System Engineering at The Boeing Company. John has over 30 years of experience in the design, analysis, verification, and operation of complex integrated hardware and software systems. As a Technical Fellow in Systems Engineering of The Boeing Company, John is sought for consulting and execution of critical engineering challenges across multiple business units. John's experience includes manned spacecraft, communication and remote sensing satellites, commercial aircraft flight controls and systems integration, and mobile satellite communication networks. He has worked at the level of detailed HW/SW integration in high integrity aviation electronics, through to the level of systems of systems required for globally mobile mission critical communication services. In addition to solving development problems, John's responsibilities aim at improving system engineering processes and tools, and planning for long range implications of nano- and other disruptive technology.


Paul A van Tulder


Paul serves as Director-at-Large. Paul is a Boeing Company Associate Technical Fellow who focuses on the safe modernization of the Air Traffic Management (ATM) systems and the Boeing Commercial Airplanes flight decks to satellite-based technologies. Paul has 30 years of experience in the design, analysis, flight testing and certification of complex avionics hardware/software systems. As a Boeing ATF, Paul helps business units and government customers (i.e., NASA and FAA) design, integrate and flight test avionics embedding next generation ATM concepts as well as help airlines introduce new revenue operations.  Paul’s experience includes US military manned and unmanned platforms for tele-operations, integration and validation of autonomous robots on the Boeing wing factory floor and using complex system-of-system simulations to digitally test new operations. In addition to enabling the business, Paul’s responsibilities seek to affordably implement new technologies through structured System Engineering (SE) methods and tools to drive autonomy technology into the field.