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About INCOSE Singapore Chapter


Strategically sited at the cross-roads of the East and West, uniquely Singapore has adapted the best engineering practices of the West and East to successfully implement large scale systems engineering and social projects in education, transportation, defense, health, housing, among others, to satisfy the diverse needs of Singapore’s population and visitors. 
Several enthusiastic engineers and academics in 2006 decided to form a local chapter of INCOSE to promote systems engineering awareness and practices among Singaporeans and people in the region. They garnered enough support over a six-month from June 2006 to set up the INCOSE Singapore Chapter, had it registered with the Singapore Government and then obtained the INCOSE Charter by February 2007. 
Singapore Chapter’s acid test came in March 2007 when it, in conjunction with the Australia Chapter, successfully organised INCOSE’s first regional conference – the Asia-Pacific Systems Engineering Conference 2007 - at Singapore and Adelaide, Australia over two consecutive weeks. Besides launching the series of Asia-Pacific conferences, this was a landmark event as it was the first dual-site conference with three distant video-tele presentations from Korea and USA. Re-branded as the Asia-Pacific Conference On Systems Engineering (APCOSE), the 2nd APCOSE was held in Yokohama, Japan in September 2008. 
Our Chapter then set eyes at the international scene. In mid-2007, our Chapter together with other Chapters from Region VI won the honor of hosting INCOSE’s 19th International Symposium in Singapore in July 2009. Held in conjunction with the 3rd Asia-Pacific Conference on Systems Engineering, this 19th International Symposium was INCOSE’s first annual symposium on Asian soil.


  • Promote collaboration in systems engineering education and research
  • Assure the establishment of professional standards for integrity in the practice of systems engineering;
  • Improve the professional status of all persons engaged in the practice of systems engineering;
  • Encourage governmental and industrial support for research and educational programs that will improve the systems engineering process and its practice; and
  • Promote Chapter activities with industry, government and academia within the geographical area of the Chapter.


Singapore Chapter Leadership Directory

Committee Members and Auditors (Office Term 2021-2022)



Thales Solutions Asia




Alex YAP Yeow Hwee, CSEP

Thales Solutions Asia


Clement LEE, CSEP

Thales Solutions Asia

Communications Chair

TOh Meng Seng

ST Engineering Advanced Networks & Sensors Pte Ltd

Program Chair

Jason YIP

Jason YIP

Membership Chair


Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT)

Committee Member

YIP Yew Seng, CSEP

Arete M Pte Ltd

Committee Member

Dr. LIEW Pak San, CSEP

Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT)

Committee Member


 Thales Solutions Asia

Honorary Auditor (2020-2021)


ST Engineering Advanced Networks & Sensors Pte Ltd

Honorary Auditor (2020-2021)

 Robert ONG, CSEP

Dassault Systèmes

Singapore Chapter 2021

Contact Us

INCOSE Singapore Chapter is a registered society in Singapore. (UEN: T07SS0030C)
Registered Address:
21, Changi North Rise, #02-ST, Singapore 488788

For any inquiry about INCOSE Singapore Chapter, its events and news, please email to: 

Our History

Committee Members and Auditors (Office Term 2019-2021)

 President  Dr. LIEW Pak San, CSEP  Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT)
 President-Elect  THAM Ming Wah, CSEP  Thales Asia
 Secretary  Alex YAP Yeow Hwee, CSEP  Thales Asia
 Treasurer  Jean LANCELIN, CSEP  Thales Asia
 Communications Chair  Clement LEECSEP  Thales Asia
 Program Chair  Jason YIP  NTUC
 Membership Chair  Vishal VASWANI  Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT)
 Committee Member  Serge LANDRY, ESEP  Equilibrant Force
 Committee Member  YIP Yew Seng, CSEP  Arete M
 Committee Member  Diego ABASCSEP  RED Engineering
 Honorary Auditor (2020-2021)  Ramesan PANICKER, CSEP  Thales Asia
 Honorary Auditor (2020-2021)  HUANG Suhong  Thales Asia

Singapore Chapter Committee Members and Auditors (2019-2021)