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Local System Engineering Trainings

Here is an alphabetically sorted list of organizations that provide System Engineering training locally in Singapore. An outside link is providing access to get further information when available:

Training Information page

Visit the main website at Cesames

Project Performance International
Visit the main website at Project Performance International

Temasek Defence Systems Institute
Visit the main website at Temasek Defence Systems Institute

The Worldwide Directory of SE and IE Academic Programs is available at INCOSE website
Visit the website at Worldwide Directory of SE and IE Academic Programs

The directory includes links to local and regional university providing training related System Engineering. Don’t hesitate to notify any update/correction for the next version.

Past Local Events


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Coming soon


26-Aug-2018: INCOSE Singapore Chapter Talk Event: "A Journey Through Requirements Analysis" by Robert Halligan
Some photos during the talk event

26-Jun-2108INCOSE Singapore Chapter Talk Event: "Productivity and Metrics" by Gary La Point
Group photo after presentation

23-Mar-2018INCOSE Singapore Chapter Annual General Meeting 2018
Group photo after the AGM 2018


12-Nov-2017: Visit to Mediacorp
20171112 Mediacorp Visit

16-Aug-2017: Talk: "The Business Case for Systems Engineering for SME"  by Robert Halligan
20170816 Robert Halligan Talk (1)
20170816 Robert Halligan Talk (3)

25-Jul-2017: Talk: "Industry 4.0? Even more need for Systems Thinking 1.0"  by Richard Beasley
20170725 Richard Beasley Talk (1)
20170725 Richard Beasley Talk (4)
20170725 Richard Beasley Talk (3)

28-Apr-2017: MoU Signing with Singapore’s National Trade Union Congress (NTUC)
INCOSE Singapore Chapter has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Singapore’s National Trade Union Congress (NTUC) to be its U Associate Partner. This facilitates NTUC to understand, promote and develop systems engineering as a profession and its value in Singapore’s professionals ecosystem. INCOSE can leverage onto NTUC’s facilities and training resources, as well as connectivity of the U Associate community, opening doors for INCOSE society and our members to numerous opportunities across many sectors of the industry.
MoU signing with NTUC

22-Mar-2017: INCOSE Singapore Chapter Annual General Meeting 2017

Singapore Chapter Management Committee 2017-2019

23-Feb-2017: At the Launch of Singapore Rail Academy, INCOSE signs a Memorandum Of Understanding with the Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) and the Land Transport Authority (LTA), witnessed by the Singapore Transport Minister.
Future-Current-Past Presidents of Singapore ChapterSignature winessed by the Minister of Transport (in the centre)


18-Nov-2016: Nanyang Polytechnic visit combined with IET.

10-Nov-2016: Getting the Most from Multi-disciplinary Teams, Speaker Robert Halligan.

08-Nov-2016: A Journey Through Systems Engineering in an Hour and a Quarter, Speaker Robert Halligan

25-Oct-2016: International Symposium 2016 key take away, by Serge Landry

29-Aug-2016: Selling System Engineering value & Capabiity Design, Speakers Anne O'Neil & Shaun Wilson, O'Neil & Wilson 2016 - Selling SE value & capability design

21-Jul-2016: Chapter planning meeting

21-Apr-2016: New Electronic Road Pricing Talk by Prof. Lui Pao Chuen, combined with IES and ORSS

24-Mar-2016: Chapter Annual General Meeting

24-Feb-2016: Alan Harding meeting with members

Feb-2016: Complex System Design & Management Asia
AlanAndKerrySerge during the PANEL - CSDM Asia 2016

20-Jan-2016: Tutorial by Prof.Kasser, combined with IET,  Systems Engineering: a systemic and systematic methodology for solving complex problems.


Activities and events for 2015 are described in the following document: Singapore Chapter Activities 2015


June 2014:  Principles of Complex Systems Engineering - Complex Systems Made Simple (joint meeting with IET Senior Section) , Speaker Dr Brian White

May 2014:  Journeyman Years from Engineering to Systems Engineering, Speaker Dr Asmus Pandikow
January 2014:  A Journey Through Systems Engineering in an Hour and a Quarter, Speaker Robert Halligan


August 2013:    Seminar on Future of Space Enterprise, Speaker Prof Daniel Hastings


May 2012:  No Longer Condemned to Repeat: Turning Lessons Learned into Lessons Remembered, Speaker David Walden CSEP
May 2012: INCOSE and the Global Advancement of Systems Engineering, Speaker David Wright

April 2012: Chapter Annual General Meeting


December 2011: The Business Case for Systems Engineering, Speaker Robert Halligan

September 2011: Introduction to Model-Based Systems Engineering, Speaker Dr Quoc Do, University of South Australia

September 2011: Integrated Vehicle Health Management, Speaker James Angus, Commercial Director, Cranfield Integrated Vehicle Health Maintenance Centre, Cranfield, UK

April 2011: Solving Defender-Attacker-Defender Models for Infrastructure Defense, Speaker Professor Gerald G. Brown
April 2011: The Changing Role of the Systems Engineer in a System of Systems (SoS) Environment, Speaker David Walden CSEP

March 2011: Chapter Annual General Meeting
March 2011: Theory and Practice on Modern Radar System, Speaker Dr Xiongjun Fu, Beijing Institute of Technology, Beijing, China



20-23 July 2009:

19th Annual International Symposium of INCOSE (IS 2009) and
3rd Asia-Pacific Conference on Systems Engineering (APCOSE 2009)

May 2009: Short course in "Defence Research & Development Policy"

April 2009:   Chapter Annual General Meeting
April 2009: Seminar on C4I systems engineering


Chapter meeting held on 12 Nov 2008

Topic of talk:  “Applying systems thinking to problem solving and research” by Joseph Kasser. 
This meeting drew that largest attendance to day with 79 Chapter members and guests from Institution of Engineers Singapore, Division of Engineering Technology and Management and Temasek Defence Systems Institute, and other engineering departments of National University of Singapore attended this talk. 


Chapter meeting held on 8 October  2008:  

Topic of talk: “Is Systems Engineering Thinking Critical and Decisive Enough for Tomorrow’s Solutions?” by Gary Langford.



Chapter meeting held on 14 July  2008 

Topic of talk: “Empirical Tests of Design Principles for Survivable System Architecture” by Daniel Hastings.


Chapter meeting held on 14 August  2008

Topic of talk: “Lessons learned from developing and delivering the world's first immersion course in systems engineering” by Joseph Kasser.


Chapter meeting held on 30 May 2008  

Topic of talk: "Applying systems thinking & aligning it to systems engineering" by Joseph Kasser.