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University of Detroit Mercy Awarded Academic Equivalency for SE Certification

by Christine Kowalski | May 16, 2019

INCOSE Media Contact: Lisa Hoverman,
University of Detroit Mercy Media Contact: Darrell Kleinke,


INCOSE Academic Equivalency for Systems Engineering Certification
Awarded to University of Detroit Mercy

SAN DIEGO (May 16, 2019) – The International Council of Systems of Engineering (INCOSE) is pleased to announce the award on Academic Equivalency to the University of Detroit Mercy for students to meet the knowledge requirement for the INCOSE Associate Systems Engineering Professional (ASEP) and Certified Systems Engineering Professional (CSEP) certifications. INCOSE first awarded this academic equivalency in January 2019.

With this equivalency in place, students who demonstrate knowledge of systems engineering through approved coursework will not have to take the INCOSE Knowledge Exam to get certified. Knowledge demonstration is a mandatory part of the path to ASEP and CSEP, so the award is a great benefit for the University of Detroit Mercy students.

“At INCOSE, academic equivalency demonstrates the strength of specific university systems engineering programs in meeting the knowledge requirements for certification,” INCOSE President Garry J. Roedler stated. “It also shows the strength of universities working closely with INCOSE to embrace and evolve the requirements in their systems engineering programs towards meeting accepted competencies. With the positive relationship that the University of Detroit Mercy has with the automotive industry, this should help us strengthen the application of systems engineering to the automotive domain.”

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About the University of Detroit Mercy

Founded in 1877 by the Society of Jesus (the Jesuits), University of Detroit Mercy is Michigan’s largest and most comprehensive Catholic university. In 1990, University of Detroit consolidated with Mercy College of Detroit, which was founded in 1941 by the Religious Sisters of Mercy, to form the University of Detroit Mercy. For more information about the University of Detroit Mercy visit